I Was Born With A Broken Heart

broken heart

I Was Born With A Broken Heart

I often wonder what my life would be like or what type of person I would of become had I grown up with my father in my life.

I didn’t learn who my dad was until a few years ago thanks to a DNA test.

For that I am thankful, but growing up I was told that another man, who was also not present, was my father.

I also wonder what I would be like mentally had I not been sexually molested, more than once,  as a child.

Other pieces of my broken heart:

  • The death of my maternal grandfather. He was my father growing up.
  • The death of my maternal grandmother.
  • The death of my best friend, Chris Douglas.
  • Losing the “love of my life”.
  • Being a single mother.
  • The death of Michael Jackson.

The scary part is knowing with full certainty that my heart will continue to be broken as long as I live and as long as I feel.

Life really is a Bitch.



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