People Who Don’t Cuss Make Me Sick!

Cuss words

Are you one of those people who makes it a point of telling other people that you don’t cuss? Why do you do that?

Those of us that do cuss don’t care about your vocabulary and don’t appreciate the implication that because we do cuss that we are somehow less than you are or that we’re doomed to the fiery pit of hell.

So, you don’t cuss…fuck you!

Do you also give to charity, stop at yellow lights, wipe your feet before you enter a home or say hello to strangers? No one cares, goody two shoes!

Or, are you one of those people who are trying to stop cussing? Who or what are you trying to stop for? Lent? New Years? Your momma?

You obviously like using words like: fuck, bitch, asshole, damn and hell, so cuss away! “Fuck” and “asshole” are probably the only two legitimate offensive cuss words left.

They’re just words. Words that they, whoever the hell they are, deemed to be inappropriate. I’m not saying that your vocabulary should be overrun by cuss words, but if you clutch your pearls when you hear someone say “bitch” or “fuck”, you need to get a grip.

Recently I’ve read articles that say people who cuss are smarter, more honest, and trustworthy. I don’t know about all that, but I do know that I like cussing to express myself or to get a point across and I have been doing so since I was a child.

My mom used to cuss like a sailor and it rubbed off on me. My daughter also makes a mistake now and then and says “hell” or “ass”.

Do I get pissed? No, I laugh! She covers her mouth and apologizes like the sweet lil’ girl she is.

I have told her that she needs to use discretion when using cuss words because she will get in trouble if a teacher or other adult hears her and that cussing, like sex, is a mature adult activity but she has made it clear that she only cusses in private, rarely.

I halfway believe her.

The point is, cussing doesn’t mean you’re uneducated. It means you’re a wordsmith, Bitch!



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