Hoe Baths Are For Everyone

From the Urban Dictionary:
a type of bath giving immediately after sex or just a quick bath when your just washing the important parts face, underarm, and genital areas.
Used in a sentence:
Girl, I know you go have a hoe bath before you leave?

Let me take a hoe bath right quick.

hoe bath

Yea, I’m taking a hoe bath. So what!

I’m not a hoe, but I do take hoe baths. A lot! Is that weird? Oh well, then I’m weird.

Are hoe baths nasty? I don’t think so. I wash my face, my underarms, my ass, my vagina and I brush my teeth. All funk producing areas are made fresh and clean again.

Unless you’re a farmer working the fields or a shop worker sweating it out for GM, a hoe bath is totally acceptable.

I don’t often work up a sweat throughout the day, but if I do, I can smell myself getting ripe so I know when it’s time to hop in the shower for a full body cleanse.

Most adults with common sense know when to wash their ass!

Lately, I’ve been hearing some blanket statements towards people who take hoe baths. It’s been said that were are nasty, funky and unclean.

Not true at all. Hoe or not, if you take a hoe bath you have taken the time to clean yourself and that should always be commended.

A hoe bath is better than no bath at all.

Stop Hoe Bath Shamming!



2 Replies to “Hoe Baths Are For Everyone”

  1. LOOOL this post msde me laugh because people are trying to find useless shit to diss people about. A hoe bath? Really? How is that dirty? the key word is bath! At least I’m taking one! Jeesh

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