Did You Know Carly Simon Has Black Heritage?

Carly Simon


This is news to me and I must say that I am quite shocked, but Carly Simon does have a very distinctive mouth and other ethnic features, so it’s really not a surprise.

According to my research her father is Jewish and also the co-founder of publisher Simon and Schuster, and her mother is of African American and German descent.

Wow! You learn something new everyday!


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16 Replies to “Did You Know Carly Simon Has Black Heritage?”

  1. why are you so caught up on these mixed race people being “black” when they arent. They are MIXED, so they have some african heritage it dosent strictly make them black. Theres a huge difference between black and mixed. ..read somthing.

    1. Why does me pointing out celebrities that have Black heritage bother you? They ARE Black and whatever else they are mixed with. You need to do some reading and study harder your damn self, jackass!

  2. LMAO! Yeah, and Carol Channing is also “black.” America is filled with idiots and blacks that keep perpetuating the one drop rule. Carly is 1/4 black and is still a white woman. She is PART black, not black. Dangerous, YOU are black. You think you and Carly look alike – LOL. Not even close.

    1. She doesn’t have to look like me. We don’t all look alike, ass! The point of this post was to point out that she has Black heritage. If you have a problem with that, it’s YOUR problem. PS: Being PART Black is being Black.

  3. Dangerous, you are a hero to me. The respect I have for your voice, conviction, passion and to make people think, grows everyday. We need more of you in the world for sure!! I agree with what you say about race..if you are part something that means that something is a part of you and should be respected. If someone is a 1/4 black, white, mexican..whatever..that truly means that at the molecular level they are Black, White, Mexican ext ext..with all due respect for the opinions of others..there are very very few “pure” lines anymore and I personally am glad for it..If you look at the history (especially our American history)…there are not a whole lot of blood lines that do not have a mix splashed in there somewhere. We lose sight of the fact, when dealing with race, that in the end we all belong to the HUMAN race..we are the same species..PERIOD..The Man upstairs just gave us a really nice color palette to make us all beautiful.

  4. my thing is.. it’s not bothering her.. she was just curious to know that Carly is black.. and NO.. it’s not a 1 drop rule.. we are all mixed to some point.. so shove that negative shit.. Im glad carly is black.. she is very exotic looking!

  5. Carly is gorgeous, exotic-looking, brilliant, and I’m madly in love with her. But it’s very unlikely she’s black. Her father, Dick Simon, was the co-founder of Simon & Schuster and was of Jewish descent, although he was a non-practicing Jew. His mother’s father was of German descent, born in Philadelphia. An alcoholic, he abandoned the family when Carly’s mom Andrea was 3 or 4. That leaves Carly’s maternal grandmother, Chibie, who, according to census records, was born in Cuba of Spanish parents. Chibie’s father has been rumored to be King Carlos XII of Spain, who died in 1885. The Social Security Database has Chibie (Maria) Heineman born in 1888, but an earlier NY State Census from 1925 says she was 40, making it possible she’s the King’s illegitimate daughter (Carlos had a couple of children out of wedlock whose names are well-documented). Another story is that Carly’s great-grandmother was shipped off to Cuba to have baby Chibie. It’s quite possible Chibie’s mother was of Moroccan descent, many from Andalusia can claim some Moorish ancestry. But Moorish is Caucasian, despite what Shakespeare says.

  6. Carly Simon’s maternal grandmother was half black, so that makes Carly an eighth black. Too small a contribution for her to look black. I had one grandparent who was half Asian, and I have strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles and the whitest white skin you’ve ever seen!

  7. Just saw “Finding Your Roots” with Skip Gates.Carly Simon is 1/10 black. Her grandmother was a free mulatto born in Cuba. She moved to the US and decided to pass.
    The conversation thread here is pretty telling. Both Tom and Pierre are reacting quite vehemently to an aspect of Carly Simon’s ethnicity that they claim doesn’t matter. It has always mattered in this country. Otherwise, why would her grandmother have decided to pass? Time is the greatest truth teller and this truth has brought to light something that makes Tom and Pierre uncomfortable. The true history of this country SHOULD make you uncomfortable, but it needs to be told.

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