Racist Fashion: What Sean Avery and Gucci Have in Common

Sean Avery sitting next to Real Housewife, Bethenny, on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen rockin’ his racist boots.


Most of us (Black people) wouldn’t know who Sean Avery is even if we were spitting in his face (he’s an ex hockey player that is currently promoting a memoir) but when I saw a clip of him on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen wearing all black including black boots with white shoe laces, I became disturbed.

His boots and laces triggered me and also reminded me of something I learned a long time ago – racist skinheads wear black boots, often Doc Marten style, with white laces as part of their fashion subculture.

This prompted me to tweet the following to BRAVO’s Watch What Happens Live account:



Instead of answering my simple yes or no question (It wasn’t a comment), Sean thought it was clever to tweet a photo of the above ugly ass and overly expensive Gucci boots that look nothing like the ones he’s wearing in an attempt to deflect the heat off of himself.

And perhaps to say, if Gucci can do it so can I. No, sir! Racism in fashion has a long history and you nor Gucci gets a pass in my book.

Even with buckles and other tacky embellishments.

My response:

I received no response, of course, but after doing more research on Sean I also discovered that he has a history of making racist remarks, so it stands to reason that he knew exactly what he was doing when he laced up his boots before the show.

It may not be common knowledge that black boots with white laces are a racist fashion statement but if you aren’t racist simply say so and you may want to rethink your fashion choices because ignorance of racist fashion is no excuse, especially when it’s been pointed out to you directly.

But nah, I don’t buy it. He ain’t slick.

Based on his response and lack thereof combined with his personal racist history, Sean Avery is just another White supremacist being given airtime to promote himself.

Ahhhhhh! Smell that? That’s America!



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