Black People Can’t Tell “Black Jokes” Now?

The real issue is that a lot of people do not get or like her brand of humor.

I got it! I laughed, especially when she continued to birth famous athletes. I mean, c’mon it’s the truth!

If you have no idea what I am talking about consider yourself lucky or just Google it.

Leslie Jones

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4 Replies to “Black People Can’t Tell “Black Jokes” Now?”

  1. The world is getting nuts. I was raised in Detroit. We had put-down fights. Made us learn. Words have can have meaning and not. I believe we need to rate the words for the reasons spoke. I thought this was the USA. Private conversation was private. People in public view need to be like by dear Grandfather taught me. “Think before you speak.”

      1. I know. I get tire of other people trying to control our thoughts. I was in the Army for 15 years. We need humor. I like the wisdom. “Can’t make all people happy. Try to make yourself happy.”

  2. The thought police, the “politically correct” America’s answer to to the inconvenience of racism. I think a big problem is, as I see it, that people think that erasing what has been created in hate and blood will solve everything. To create a colorblind world, we need to forget – Wrong. (In my opinion, anyway) there is no such thing as colorblind, and we should not forget the pain that has been caused by racism. I’m a white guy. I don’t just hate racism, I take an active role in making a change. But it takes self examination, and before one can change the world, one must change themselves. This change will never be a comfortable one, so stop trying to make it comfortable. It will never be convenient, so stop trying to make it convenient. I’ve heard a lot of bullshit in my days from other white people. “I’ve never owned a slave” “why should I have to pay for what some white guys did a long time ago” basically, as far as I’m concerned, it translates to “I didn’t do it, it’s not my problem” but it is. I, as a white guy, May not go around beating black guys and slinging around racial slurs, but privilege is still there, and when you stop to look at it, it becomes obvious that the problem isn’t so simple to solve. As I am reaping the benefits of racism, as a non racist, what can be done? With benefit comes responsibility, and as a reaper of these illegitimate benefits, as stated by one better with words than I, “I’ve got a responsibility to challenge the system”. It was always gonna be complicated. So why decide that the ones who are continuously victimized, directly or indirectly, can’t have a sense of humor about it? There can be no equality if we refuse freedom. And if we, who have quietly sustained this problem refuse to see the impact we make with ignorant choices and projected ignorance, there will never be any real change of substance. I, for one, will make the choice to look in the mirror and examine the ugly reflection. And as far as I’m concerned, taking away someone’s ability to look at an ugly situation with a sense of humor is one of the absolute worse decisions that can be made by the politically correct thought police.

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