Movie Review: Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 1

As I type this I am still marinating on how I really feel about this film as I have just seen it less than an hour ago.

Breaking Dawn starts the day before Edward and Bella are to be married and follows through their honeymoon, to the birth of their child, and ends with the death and rebirth of Bella as a vampire.

If you have not seen the previous films in the Twilight series do not see this film unless you do so. Breaking Dawn is filled with angst and conflict.

As I sat in the crowded theatre, in my seat that was too close to the screen, I felt a swarm of emotions in response to what each character was going through.

I also began to think that Bella has to be the most unlucky woman in the world. In each Twilight film thus far she has been in danger of dying of being killed.

Bella’s HOT wedding heels!

On the fashion side of things, in the beginning of the film these bad ass pair of heels that Bella was struggling to walk in to prepare for her walk down the isle caught my eye.

Yes, I am a shoe whore, and these are beautiful, especially from the side view. I didn’t hang around to watch the credits to find out who designed them, but I’m sure they are out of my price range anyway.

As usual Edward was hot and so was Jacob, but his shirt only comes off once in this film at the very beginning so don’t blink!

I hope we don’t have to wait very long for part 2.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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