Movie Review: Real Steel

Real Steel stars Hugh Jackman as an ex fighter, deadbeat dad, and all around asshole. I loved it!

I was vehemently against seeing this film at first, but then I said…what the hell! Real Steel takes place in the future when robots instead of humans compete inside the ring. Hugh Jackman’s character has fallen on hard times and owes money for lost fights with his robot.

His son, who he hasn’t seen since he was an infant, is back in his life because his mother died. A fully working robot (Atom) the son finds while they are stealing old robot parts changes their lives.

I loved this film because it deals with the serious issue of deadbeat dads. It made me look at the non-custodial side of things and it also seemed to point out that if more deadbeat dads were to just spend a little time with their children that they would never want to be apart from them again.

It is indeed a parents loss when they choose not to be involved in their children’s lives.

Real Steel was shot in Michigan and there is a Flint connection to this film. Wendel Millstead, who I have worked with before on two Anarchy Productions projects, appears in this film as a lead extra. He’s the bald white guy that works on Zeus’s team as security.

Spoiler alert: I also loved the way this film ended. Atom didn’t win the fight, but he is the champion. I had to throw my fist in the air and cheer! Yea, I know I’m corny. So what!

This is a great family film. Take the kids and enjoy!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


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