Janet Jackson Live: A Review

Janet Jackson Up Close and Personal Does Not Impress

Let me start out by saying how much I hate driving to (and from) Detroit. As we got closer to the “D” there was about 30 minutes of unnecessary traffic on the highway.

I say unnecessary because once we got to the end of it and started driving at a faster pace, there wasn’t an accident, construction, or anything else  in the way.

Just unnecessary!

Once we got to the FOX theatre we had a hell of a time getting to the FOX parking ramp (which I had purchased a prepaid pass for), then once we got to the ramp it was full!

There was also a Tigers game going on at the same time across the street at Comerica Park, so that may explain the extra traffic in the area.

By the time we were directed to a parking lot with available parking, it was close to 8:30pm. The show had apparently started promptly at 8:00pm because when we got inside Janet was well into a  performance of “Control” and those that had arrived early enough were enjoying it.

Guess what? I had to pee, so I made a  stop in the bathroom before we took our seats; more show missed.

However, we were not alone in our lateness because there were still tons of other people that were waiting outside to find a parking spot. I am starting to wonder if the FOX theatre has a curfew because each time that I have been there I am out by 10:00pm.

Wasup with that?!

A Janet Jackson Show is Built For Larger Stadiums

Janet Jackson

Anyway, not being able to see the show from the beginning was a major buzz kill and I never fully recovered from it and to top it off our seats were horrible!

We also had to deal with a couple making multiple bathroom and drink trips. That gets on my damn nerves!

I prefer seeing Janet perform in a large stadium with costume changes and an elaborate stage show, the “Up Close and Personal” style of the #1’s tour does not compliment her at all.

When images and low-budget graphics were shown on the large screen, the top half was cut off to everyone in my area of the theatre. I  also didn’t understand why film of Janet performing was not shown on the screen for those of us in the nosebleed seats. I couldn’t even make out her facial features from where we sat.

There were also songs that Janet’s band performed snippets of while she was off stage taking a break that we would of much rather seen her perform live.

It was truly disappointing and I am missing her brother and my first love, Michael Jackson even more.

I want my money back!

Janet Jackson

A bad quality image of me and my daughter, Senia, after the show. Look how happy I am pretending to be. She had fun, though!



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  1. i needed the screen too had i not had a very nice group of ushers who made the people siting in front of me stop dancing in the isle i wiouldnt have been able to see from row 17 lee you only missed the start of a medley fox does have a crewfew of 10 i had a good time but it was by far her weekest set list scream even got cut that annoyed me

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