Ask Dangerous Lee – How can I tell if someone is really my “sister” ?

Q: I consider myself a “woman’s woman”. I have five sisters and never felt threatened. I have to ask though, how can I tell if someone is really my “sister” or just someone paying lip service to loyalty. I have a “friend” who seems to find my male friends, “interesting’, “hot”, and sooo attractive”. Now these guys are just friends, but she finds them a little too attractive.

Jealous, Green Eyed, Hell

A: Sounds like you want to get with your girlfriend. You may not be aware of this but to call yourself a woman’s woman means that you like the ladies! If you don’t have a fondness for the ladies maybe you wish you were more like your hot in the ass friend. If you’re single then maybe you need to start showing your male friends what you’re working with. I guarantee you that they have already used up some KY Jelly thinking about you!

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