Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month Spotlight: Lily Mariye

Name and occupation:

Lily Mariye – Writer/Director/Actor

What do you love most about being of Asian Heritage?

I like the knowledge of knowing exactly where I’m from. I like the sense of community, the pride of watching other Asian Americans break through the glass ceilings of their professions, whether they be basketball or television directing.

Tell us an interesting Asian History Fact:

Did you know that one of the original members of the Black Panthers  was Japanese American? Richard Aoki was the only Asian American officer, holding the title of Field Marshall. Did you know that Eddie Van Halen is half Chinese/Malaysian?

Who or what inspires you most?

Great films. Great Books. Great Television Shows. And the people in my life who’ve been through hell and high water, but manage to land on their feet.

Something you often think to yourself that you’d like to say publicly:

As grateful as I am for the wonderful things that have happened to me, I’m even more grateful for the obstacles that have been in my path. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them.

And I’m secretly addicted to the TV show, “Las Vegas Jailhouse.”  “Bring out the chair!”




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