Amy Winehouse: What Your Reaction to Her Death Means to Me


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  • What a waste of talent!

  • I’m not surprised she’s dead!

  • It’s her own fault!

  • I guess she should of gone to Rehab!

  • Fuck Amy Winehouse!

So many of you have become uncaring, unsympathetic, and desensitized to death, especially celebrity deaths. What if Amy Winehouse were your relative? Would you still feel the same way?

So what she has a song called Rehab where she talks about avoiding getting help with her real life drug addition. Addiction is a disease that millions of people all over the world are suffering from. Some will get clean and some will not. It’s not humorous to make fun of or disrespect anyone that has passed on from a drug overdose.

So what you are an ex addict that was able to beat your demon. Congratulations, you obviously have a wonderful support system and are a much stronger person than Amy and all the other people who have succumb to addiction.

Lastly, Amy Winehouse has family and close friends who are devastated and will miss her dearly. If you don’t give a damn about Amy, at least think of her family.

Note: The cause of her death has not yet been confirmed.

Here’s the music video for her song, You Know I’m No Good. Since she warned us she was trouble, is this also an indication that we should not care?



8 Replies to “Amy Winehouse: What Your Reaction to Her Death Means to Me”

  1. I’m saddened by her death. She was truly talented. I met her in DC last year and she was a blast to be around. She even sung a duet with my then eight year old… She was truly beautiful woman…

  2. We could have written our posts together! – kind of 🙂 (

    You said it in a different way than I did, but I agree I am slightly taken aback by some of the comments I’ve read. As much as I want to will anyone I know to never have touched any destructive substance, addiction is real and there have to be enough of us who still give a damn.

    just my thoughts, thetosinteatime

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