Walt Disney Was A Racist, Sexist, Asshole!

walt disney

Walt Disney

So, there’s this corny-looking movie about Walt Disney creating the Mary Poppins film called Saving Mr. Banks starring Tom Hanks as Disney coming out December 20th and I remember that there has been talk that Mr. Disney was racist among other not so nice things.

I took to Google and found the video below featuring interviews with people who have worked with and for him sharing their stories, proving that he was a jerk and I also found this article that tries to debunk that he was an ass.

Of course he was a racist, sexist asshole. He was a White man living in a time when many if not most White men were racist, sexist assholes. Color me so not surprised.

Disney, as a brand, has promoted many racist, sexist and asshole like themes over the years. We’ve all seen it and bought into it in one way or another.

I guess you can say racism, sexism and assholism has brought us all together.




2 Replies to “Walt Disney Was A Racist, Sexist, Asshole!”

  1. Growing up I knew this scumbag was a racist and the kids and some adults just clamor to get to his theme parks. That’s sort of like Santa being a racist. You could not melt and pour me into one of those parks. This dog have the nerve to be frozen and waiting for a cure, if this rumor is true, the only cure he need is to let a little air get to that carcass so he can finish rotting in hell.

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