Harsh Movie Review: The Smurfs 3D

Smurfs 3D

Harsh Movie Review: Smurfs 3D

Absolutely hated it! Before seeing the film, I hated the idea of the Smurfs even being made into a live action film.

Was this really needed or necessary? No. Which movie exec said, “You know what we need, a live action Smurfs movie!”.

No, we didn’t, and we especially did not need them to arrive in chaotic-ass New York City.

I hated the way the smurfs looked, acted, and I hated their voices each time one of them failed to say something cute or clever. Furthermore, watching Neal Patrick Harris play a doting heterosexual husband and expectant father was a joke. The man is openly gay, and yes I know he’s an actor, but he wasn’t convincing.

This movie was stupid, very stupid, and seeing it in 3D was not a plus because there were only a few scenes where outstanding 3D imagery came into play.

The kids will love this because they don’t know any better, but you will be begging for it to be over long before the credits roll.

PS: Gargamel sucks too!

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars


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