Black History Month Spotlight: Carolyn Mattocks

Name and Title:  Carolyn Mattocks, CEO/Founder

What do you do and why? I created the “I Can Do Anything” Organization, Inc. in order to give youth an early start. It is important for youth to start early on their path to success. I also want to show youth the importance of history by demonstrating examples of success through historical achievements.

What mark have you left on Black history? The mark that I want to leave on Black History is the keeper of the truth about Black History. Because there are so many “untruths” about Black History, I pride myself as being an individual who helps to unveil facts of Black History that is not taught in the classroom.

Why is celebrating Black History important to you? I have always been inspired by the writings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, and Dr. W.E.B. DuBois. Like these great men of history, I have always wanted to use writing to influence people to think, take action, and become better. My passion for history coupled with my passion for words is why I became a writer. I also believe in using writing as a method to endorse the philosophy of “Each one, teach one.” This resulted in me creating the “I Can Do Anything” book. Being able to influence our youth about the importance of starting early making “life choices” is critical in today’s current economic times. Also, being able to provide them with a blue print for success through historical examples of individuals who have excelled in each career field was important because our youth are losing the value of their history. They are forgetting and repeating the past. Finally, I was once told that whatever endeavor that you pursue in life, you have a responsibility to educate.  I became a writer in order to educate people through the use of history to believe “They Can Do Anything.”

Who or what do you honor most in Black History? I honor the great legacy that the ancient ancestors had created before they came to the Western world. I honor all the achievements that Black people have made in our progression through time. I honor the wisdom of the past that helps me be the person that I am today.

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