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Top Story: The Best Advice You’ve Ever Heard About Long Distance Relationships

There’s no doubt that finding love is a tough task.  It seems as though everyone around you has settled in nicely with seemingly good partners.  You know … partners who have stable jobs, come from good families and have mainstream interests like movie-watching and crochet.  But maybe your love story has played out differently.  Perhaps … Continue reading

How To Keep Your Car Connected To The Internet

Staying connected to the Internet and each other has gotten easier with every passing year. Pagers let people talk when it was too inconvenient to speak on the phone. Smartphones let professionals check their e-mail around-the-clock. Tablets allow us to get online even when we’re away from a laptop. It’s no wonder that the latest … Continue reading

Subscribe To Dangerous Lee on Kindle

Kindle blogs are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when you’re not wirelessly connected. And unlike RSS readers which often only provide headlines, blogs on Kindle give you full text content and images, and are updated wirelessly throughout the day. Subscribe to The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network on … Continue reading

10 Free Music Apps For Your SmartPhone

Music is the one thing which truly rules the apps in your smart phone irrespective of whether you own an Android or an Apple OS. All the top notch smart phone manufacturers make sure that they provide plenty of free music apps in their app world to keep the users interested always. So if you’re one … Continue reading

Why Books Will Always Be Better Than Kindles

Image by: Ian Wilson It’s impossible to keep up with technology. Every month, ever week, practically every day ushers in a new gizmo or gadget that immediately makes last week’s innovation dated and passé. The goal posts are always moving. But surely there has to a line that’s drawn when technology goes too far –  … Continue reading

4 Things Women Need To Know About Online Dating

Some women dismiss the idea of online dating, thinking that it is confusing or frustrating. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Online dating is one of the best ways to find a date or start a serious relationship but you have to know a few things before you jump into searching for love … Continue reading

Infographic: Then vs. Now – How Much Have Kids Changed in a Generation?

It is difficult to predict what the trends will be in the future, but an in-depth look at the past can aid in evaluating where we have been and where we may be headed. Interesting statistical data shown in this graphic show how teens’ and young adults’ habits, pursuits, and aspirations have changed over the … Continue reading

Rid Yourself of Negative Energy – Be Happy, Now!

Where Negative Energy Comes From Negative energy primarily stems from destructive thought patterns and bad feelings that weigh you down.  When you have strong feelings of guilt, lack, pessimism, greed, dissatisfaction, and other negative feelings, your mind perpetuates the negative energy and allows it to drag you down even further.   Sometimes negative energy comes from … Continue reading

Question I Asked As A Child – Does Space Have a Floor?

As a kid I wanted to know if outer space had a floor. At the time I had no concept of infancy and I thought there was a beginning and an end to all that “space” out there. When I learned that outer space was infinite I became amazed, astonished, and bewildered. I’ve wondered as … Continue reading


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