Great Cleavage Without Surgery

Great Cleavage Without Surgery

Attractive Cleavage without Going Under the Knife

pushup bra

If you are not happy with your bust and feel you are simply not well-endowed, join the club. There are many women like yourself, not to mention men as well, who are striving to have the ideal body image and the breasts are definitely an area of major concern. You can have the chest that you have dreamed of and you don’t have to turn to plastic surgery to get it.

Enhancing Your Breasts Without Any Pain

Thanks to companies like, you can take advantage of products such as silicone breast enhancers. Unlike so many individuals who choose the more drastic option, laying out major dollars and undergoing painful procedures, you don’t have to go through actual physical changes to your body. You can choose to wear an enhancer that is applied to your skin or that will supplement your under garments. The best part about going this route, besides the fact that you do not have to suffer, is the fact that it isn’t a permanent change. Many individuals go the route of plastic surgery and regret their choice later on down the line. Choose breast enhancers and cleavage enhancers for a temporary fix that allows you more flexibility.

Choose to be a Different Size Any Time

Plastic surgery is a more restrictive solution when it comes to cosmetic alterations. When you have a procedure performed, you are stuck with those results. If you’re not happy and want to be smaller or larger, you’ll have to go under the knife again. It’s time consuming and extremely expensive, not to mention you have to wait for full recovery before you can really enjoy your results. When you opt for breast enhancers, you can change your cup size according to your mood. When there’s a special occasion, get a cleavage enhancer that will really show off that new dress or make your date extra special. It’s your choice and only involves wearing a different product.

Avoid the Risks Involved with Surgery

When you opt for breast enhancers and cleavage enhancers, you have no risks involved. You’re saving your budget and you won’t be enduring a painful procedure that could put your life at risk. Infection and complications are always possible, not to mention a botched procedure.

Interview With Dr. Matlock, The Vagina Surgeon

Interview With Dr. Matlock, The Vagina Surgeon

Last week I caught up with world-famous cosmetic surgeon David Matlock and asked him a couple of questions about how he became the world’s premiere vagina surgeon. I also gave Dr. Matlock the opportunity to poke fun at his business partner, Dr. Simopoulos.  

Headshot of Dr. Matlock.

Q: What made you want to specialize in cosmetic surgery when you were in medical school?

A: [laughs] Alright. Well. Look. Basically, as far as cosmetic surgery goes, that didn’t come about until long after I finished medical school.

Q: How did you get started with cosmetic surgery then?

A: I’m a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist. And I’ve done liposuction for the past 25 years.

The cosmetic part of it came about 14 years ago when I took an interest in lasers and aesthetic surgery.

I turned that interest into a laser procedure for the enhancement of sexual gratification for women and called it “vaginal rejuvenation.” Then I put out an ad saying that’s what we offered at my practice. We had to pull the ad because we were so inundated with calls, requests, appointments, and surgeries. The procedure sold itself. But the women who came in would say “You know what? I don’t like my labia minora. Is that something you do?” And there wasn’t a textbook or a paper I could go to because this stuff wasn’t being done at the time.

Q: So you had to develop more procedures?

I then developed a laser surgical procedure for the laser reduction of the labia minora. And then people would ask for various different things, “I want this” and “I want that.” So we developed more procedures and created the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute in 1996.

Q: How did you get the word out about that?

A: We didn’t have to run an ad for it [laughs]. The media came all on their own. We were inundated with media requests. The bottom line is sex sells.

So that’s basically how this whole thing with female genital plastic surgery got started. And all of it has been based on what women requested when they came in.

Q: So you were one of the first surgeons in the world to do this kind of work?

A: I was the first, yes. I’m the pioneer of laser vaginal rejuvenation and designer laser vaginoplasty. Dr. Simopoulos and I co-authored a handful of academic papers. We’re actually working on a couple of chapters for a major book on female genital plastic surgery right now.

Q: And when’s that book due out?

A: We’re in the beginning phases of writing the first textbook on female genital plastic surgery. A group of us doctors is working on it, so it could take years [laughs].

Q: So it’s going to be a scholarly release, a textbook, and not a general consumer release?

A: Yeah, it’s a scholarly release. You won’t see it at Barnes & Noble or anything.

Q: You were the pioneer, but what about other doctors?

A: Another thing that happened after I started doing these procedures is doctors started calling in wanting training. I’ve trained over 350 doctors, including gynecologists, plastic surgeons, and urologists in over 46 countries. I’ve treated patients from all 50 states and over 63 countries.

Q: Many people think vaginal rejuvenation makes sex better mostly for the male partner. Can you take a minute to dispel this myth?

A: The most important thing to remember is my practice is dedicated to women, not their male partners. We won’t do the procedure if a man is pushing a woman or has coerced a woman to come in for it. What we do is for the woman. We want our patients to come in on their own volition. Our interest, our purpose is for the woman. We want to empower women with knowledge, choice, and alternatives. That’s what we do. Obviously if I enhance sexual gratification for the woman I enhance sexual gratification for the man.

But our goal is and always will be for the woman.

Q: This is kind of a light question. Do you listen to music in the operating room?

A: Yeah, we listen to music. We listen to all types of music. We listen to contemporary music. Basically that. We listen to 102.7 here in L.A. if you’re familiar with that station. We try our best to stay current with the music and keep things light in the operating room. [laughs]

Q: Earlier you described yourself as an aesthetic enthusiast. That you’re really focused on aesthetics.

A: Correct. Our whole practice is based on aesthetic surgery.

Q: What do you like about aesthetics as it has to do with the human body?

A: We like to create beauty. It’s all about beauty. It’s all about youth. We also, with our vaginal procedures, want to restore things to the patient’s idea of normalcy. We’re all about the woman. We want to help her create the best sexual experience possible for herself. That’s the whole purpose of laser vaginal rejuvenation. Our designer laser vaginoplasty is for the aesthetic enhancement of the vulvar structures. If a patient has an issue with her labia minora, labia majora, or mons pubis we can enhance those structures for her, too.

Q: Do you have any favorite books, fiction or non-fiction, where cosmetic surgery plays a central role?

A: Wow [laughs].

Q: There’s a few out there.

A: Where cosmetic surgery plays a central role?

Q: Forget books. We’ll open the question up to include any kind of media. TV, films?

A: I can’t think of anything other than scientific textbooks and presentations…

Q: So you weren’t a fan of Nip/Tuck?

A: I was a big fan of Nip/Tuck! Big huge fan of Nip/Tuck! I watched every episode. As a matter of fact, they called us for information. There was an episode about the G-Shot™. I pioneered that whole thing. G-Shot™, the g-spot amplification procedure, is my trademark. There was an episode about that. They called to find out more about it. There was an episode about labiaplasty where one patient came in and one of the nurses had had the procedure, and they were like come on back and see. So, yeah. I was a big fan of that show.

Q: What do you really think of Dr. Simopoulos?

A: I think he’s a brilliant guy, very, very smart. He’s from Johns Hopkins, one of the top universities in the nation for medicine. Very smart guy, very articulate. I like him. It’s a smooth, easy partnership we have. We’ll be together forever.

Q: What did you think of his Millionaire Matchmaker episode when it came out?

(See part of the episode for yourself:

A: Well, you know, I encouraged him to do it. It was something [laughs]. I think the way he came across on the show was based on his experience with women and the legal system’s approach to divorce. I saw what he went through. I’ve been through it before, too. I think that’s what he’s going through in the episode. I recommended he have the young lady to do the cake and all that stuff. As a matter of fact, I said “Hey, use my house!

Q: That was at your house? He’s actually at your house in the episode?

A: Yeah, that was my house. I think my wife and I were out of the country. I think we were in Dubai or something. I know how these shows go. The producers plan the stories and make them go how they want them to go. I was on Dr. 90120 for 6 years. I know how it is [laughs].

Q: Did anyone ever come in and mention the show as a source for how they heard about you?

A: I don’t know. I bet he had some patients come in. I don’t remember what happened after Simopoulos went on Millionaire Matchmaker. It seems like the practice has been busy for as long as I can remember.

Q: So there wasn’t a flood at the door like with the first vaginal rejuvenation ad?

A: What happened was there were a lot of women calling him, sending email to the info account saying “Hey, I think I’m the girl for you!” They’d send pictures, too. A lot of that stuff went on. We all got a good kick out of that, but [Alex] is still single.

Want to hear more about Dr. Matlock and Dr. Simopoulos? Check them out on reruns of E!’s Dr. 90210 or TLC’s Plastic Wives.


Author Bio – Aston Reynolds writes for a living in Denver, Colorado. He thinks the web should look and sound the same way pizza and beer tastes. You can get in touch with him on G+.  

Celebrities With The Most Natural Looking Plastic Surgery

Celebrities With The Most Natural Looking Plastic Surgery


Actually one can hardly find a purely natural face or body on the red carpet. Almost every Hollywood celebrity seems to have had “a little work done”. But the result of plastic surgery is rather controversial. It is a common practice to discuss celebrities’ photos before and after unhappy plastic surgery. But an excellent plastic surgery is a true way to a swift career, violent popularity, world-wide fame, as well as exorbitant honoraria. Today suggests you have a glance at the best plastic surgeries (before-and-after photos) of the beautiful, glorious, and wealthy Hollywood celebrities.

A plastic surgery is considered best when it results in little altering of the “natural beauty”.

Megan Fox

A modern American actress MEGAN FOX gives the example of a miraculous transformation of a plain pretty girl into a languishing, charming lady. Thus many people consider her beauty artificial completely, but if you have a close look at the star’s photos, you’ll find a minute difference between those of today and those of the past. Most likely Megan resorted to lip correction and nose job. Plastic surgery at breast augmentation gives no rise to doubt. But a rare celebrity can resist the temptation!

Jennifer Aniston

The “Friends” star JENNIFER ANISTON when a youngster was a real “ugly duck”. Even now she hardly keeps in touch with her mother who thought of her daughter’s Hollywood career an utter folly “with such appearance”.

But by the “Friends” shooting Jennifer had lost weight. By the end of the TV project she had got rid of her peculiar Greek nose (her father was a Greek). In 2008 the actress resorted to the second rhinoplastics. Allegedly she had to correct her nasal septum because of labored breathing. Under the surgeon’s knife Jennifer’s nose gained a slimmer shape and now it looks quite natural.

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt’s wife ANGELINA JOLIE used to lie on a patient plate. Sure, the celebrity is reluctant to discuss this topic with journalists and she usually denies any plastic surgery. But nevertheless Angelina once underwent rhinoplasty at narrowing her nose. After the excellent surgery she spared much time for fitness. The result surpassed all expectations as the actress’s beauty, charm, and sex appeal leaves no man indifferent!

Demi Moore

Another Hollywood celebrity DEMI MOORE persuades that she has resorted to the help of plastic surgeons, but it had nothing to do with her face. At the same time experts catch her in archness. They say, the movie star HAS undergone rhinoplasty and corrected her squint. In addition, she’s enlarged her breast and made liposuction of belly, buttocks, and thighs. As a result, today Demi Moore looks admirable at her age!

Victoria Beckham

An outstanding singer and a prosperous business lady VICTORIA BECKHAM must have corrected her appearance for several times. The recognized woman of fashion can obviously boast of nose job, change of eyebrow shape and lip contour. Besides Victoria enhanced her body by means of liposuction and breast augmentation.

You see, almost every Hollywood celebrity is the result of plastic surgeons’ job. You are not supposed to notice it. And that is the key to a GOOD plastic surgery.

This article is written by Alex. He’s a marketer, movie and technology addict. He enjoys sharing all kinds of news. Feel free to contact him via Twitter:

What Is Vagina Sculpting And How Is It Done?

What Is Vagina Sculpting And How Is It Done?


One form of plastic surgery which has become very popular in recent years is labia sculpting. Also known as labia reduction surgery or labiaplasty, this procedure entails reducing the sign of a woman’s labia. These are the lips that cover the clitoris and vaginal opening, and many females are born with excess skin. Although a number of people choose plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes, it should be noted that a large number of labiaplasty patients do so for medical reasons. Large labia can be discomforting and many women have reported symptoms of pain as well as increased urinary tract infections and other problems as a result. Fortunately, advancements in technology and an increased number of trained physicians in this specific field have made labia sculpting a possibility for women who suffer from anatomical misfortune.

It is important to note that while plastic surgery can indeed have its benefits, it is not for everyone. As such, physicians who perform labiaplasties will not offer the procedure to just anyone. According to Grant Stevens, founder of Marina Plastic Surgery, “If I hear the word pain or chafing or tenderness, it’s an entirely different consult than if I get the ‘I’m embarrassed, I think it looks funny.’ But ‘I’m embarrassed’ doesn’t automatically disqualify somebody”. Thus, a doctor’s decision to perform the operation is wholly dependent on the patient’s individual circumstances. To be clear, if a woman is experiencing pain or severe discomfort due to their oversized labia, seeking medical help is highly recommended. Here is some helpful information regarding labia sculpting and how the procedure is performed.

All about labia sculpting

  • Labiaplasty surgery is just one of many procedures that are performed on female genitals. Its purpose is to reduce the size and/or make the skin more aesthetically pleasing. Vaginoplasty is an operation that is used to tighten and/or rejuvenate the vagina, and is popular among women who have had children. Lastly, a hoodectomy is used to uncover or expose a woman’s clitoral hood.
  • The procedure entails removing excess skin on both labia minora and majora. These are the inner and outer folds respectively, and their size and shape vary considerably from person to person.
  • A recent study has found that most women opt to have the surgery for one of three reasons, which are to correct a functional impairment (causing discomfort and/or pain) for both functional and aesthetic reasons, and for aesthetics reasons on their own. If you are a woman are thinking about having a labiaplasty, just know that the issue does not have to be strictly medical. No one should have to feel ashamed or embarrassed about their body; help is available.
  • Advancements in surgical procedures have resulted in quicker recovery time and less pain and scarring for patients who have labiaplasties.

So, in order to know whether or not you are eligible for the surgery, consult an expert plastic surgeon. Discuss all the concerns with him. The surgeon will customize the surgery to get you the best result!

The author of this article is a medical student whose interest lies in plastic surgery and anything related to the beauty enhancement techniques. She spends a good share of his time in exploring more about the new techniques of plastic surgery.


Why Guys Are Attracted To Large Breasts

Why Guys Are Attracted To Large Breasts


It’s a fact that no one can deny most men idolize large breasts. Each and every year women end up spending millions of cash on breast implants plus so many other cosmetic procedures that improves their breast size. Such procedures include breast enlargement pills, creams and pumps. A woman with larger breasts looks more attractive in her own eyes and in men’s eyes. So what is it about big breasts that attract guys towards females? Well, below are some of the reasons why men are very interested in gazing below the neck.

# A sign of fertility
Fuller breasts can be considered as a sign of increased fertility, and that’s why guys think a bigger bust is better. Research has shown that men are always looking for a mother figure and adequate big breasts as a sign of increased fertility. The fat that accumulates in a woman’s chest, bottom, hips and thighs is due to the influence of oestrogen, a hormone that affects a woman’s ability to conceive.

# Large breasts are a sign of good health

In their eyes, men see and thinks larger breasts advertise age, health and good genes. This makes the woman an ideal sexual partner.

# Arousal
Many men prefer a lady with some large-shapely breasts since this turns them on. Not that those women with small breasts can’t be any turn-on, but with most men, it’s in the blood to like a women with full-figure and especially on top.

# Touchable
Small breasts are just okay, but it boils down to most guys being able to touch something big and firm. During a sexual intercourse, or just when playing around and having some fun, men appreciate a lady with a little more on top. This is not only very pleasing to look and touch, which make the arousal even more intense, but big breasts are also there for men to fondle.

# Fantasy and play things
Fantasy is a big thing especially with guys and large breasts. Big breasts are simply more noticeable; this gives men so many ideas about what to do with them. Large breasts are also like toys. Men love playing with them.

# Guy thing
When men are around their boys, they have to love big breasts. Just like discussing their favorite football team, men talk about breast size and shape when they are all together. And in most cases, all of them agree that a lady with larger breasts is much more attractive than one with smaller breasts.

# Marketing
Movies, TV and even ads give men ideas from a very young age that big breasts are very synonymous with intimacy. This is what most men are programmed to think as sexy and also attractive. Such a woman is the full package or maybe their dream lady.

There are so many reasons why most men prefer women with larger breasts and from what we have seen, big breasts play a very big role in the culture and society today. It’s now clear that the amount of energy, time, money and emotion directed to breast enlargement is justified.

Josie is a passionate blogger and works for a cosmetic surgeon specializing in breast enlargement.