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Infographic: Why Cyber Monday is the New Black Friday

Cyber Monday is a term-turned consumer holiday that falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving each year in the US. The term “Cyber Monday” was originally coined by Shop.org in 2005, and has since become a well-known phrase across the Internet. The internet-based consumer holiday features deals on everything from household goods and digital subscriptions to … Continue reading

7 Tips For Shopping On Black Friday

People that want to make the most out of their holiday shopping nowadays tend to do it on Black Friday. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, gives you an opportunity to find deals that will let you save a ton of money when you need it. There are a lot of great ways to save … Continue reading

Women Have Big Feet Too! How To Find The Best Shoes

One thing that frustrates me more than anything else is the lack of choice I have when it comes to buying shoes. Fashion stores on the high street seem to have a thing about stocking loads of smaller sizes yet forget that women can have bigger feet too. This is a problem that becomes even … Continue reading

8 Reasons To Shop Online

With online shopping, you have nearly every product in the world available to you. Shopping online is becoming more popular as people find that it has benefits that you can’t get by walking in to a brick and mortar store. Besides convenience, shopping online is often cheaper, and that makes waiting for delivery worth it … Continue reading

Infographic: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hacks & Scams

This infographic sends a message on how the public would prevent spammers and hackers from misleading consumers and steal their money.  There are precautions that needs to be done and awareness to the updated modus of attackers.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the days when the most attack is happening.  Just like what happened … Continue reading

How to Shop for the Holidays on a Budget

The holidays are fast approaching and with each day, budgets and wallets begin their yearly shriek of dismay. Shopping for so many people can quickly add up and though it may seem easy to stick everything on “plastic,” the repercussions come January and February can be brutal. But fret not because there are some great … Continue reading

Are People Making Worthwhile Money From Etsy?

There is a new trend these days with upcycling and crafting not just as a hobby anymore but as a means for just about anybody to make a little extra money. Sites like Etsy and Indie Handmade offer the crafter the ultimate platform and an opportunity to set up shop and reach consumers on the … Continue reading

Infographic: Online Shopping vs Offline Shopping

Everybody has their favorite way of buying new stuff, and the advent of online shopping means that people can either buy the traditional way, or buy online without leaving the comfort of their own home. So which do most people prefer? Slightly more people prefer shopping on the high street than shopping online, but 64% of … Continue reading

Sex Toys: Ways to Present Them to Your Partner

Introducing adult sex toys for your partner could be both uncomfortable and difficult. You don’t know how they may react, and you also do not know if they will be open to the idea. Much like anything else, if there is zero change, things could easily get rather unexciting. So it’s completely normal for you … Continue reading


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