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4 Positives Signs That Women’s Sport Is On The Up

Although the Olympic legacy is still being questioned; there is no doubt that there have been plenty of positives from last year’s stunning London games. Not only have large areas of the capital received much needed regeneration but certain sports have had an encouraging injection of participation as stars of the future take their first steps on the road to greatness.

One of the biggest positives from the games has been the affect they have had on women’s sport. With so much success from Britain’s female contingent and the fact that every country that competed at the Olympics were represented by women athletes shows that this side of the sport is really on the up.

So what other signs have we seen that show women’s sport is growing?

More Media Coverage –

There was a time in recent years where if you wanted to watch female sport on television you would be lucky to find much more than a few highlights on unconventional channels. Occasionally the red button service may be graced with some high profile events but this was a rarity and far from mainstream media coverage.

However since the games things has taken a turn for the better. The women’s European championships were shown in full on BBC 3 for the first time ever and everybody could read about England’s plight in the national newspapers (even if it didn’t make for great reading due to their poor performance). Women’s cricket has also received much more detailed coverage and this year’s Ashes competition can even be seen on mainstream channels.

More Clubs Are opening Their Doors –

It has always been a lot harder for young girls to find their way into sports clubs than it is for boys to but that seems to be changing too. Local sports clubs, who previously didn’t have the resources or desire to open their doors up to young ladies who wish to pursue a sporting hobby, are now creating more and more openings for girl’s teams. For example, football coaching for girls has received a massive boost in participation thanks to grass roots clubs around the country realising the demand and interest is definitely there.

There Are More Female Role Models In the Public Eye –

For years now the sporting landscape in this country has been dominated by male sporting idols; leaving young girls struggling to find appropriate role models to look up to. However, thanks to increased success and media coverage, there are now plenty of female personalities on our TV screens. People like Jessica Ennis and Ellie Symonds have become ambassadors for their respective sports and can often be seen offering important insights into the female side of sport on popular programmes.

BT sport seem to be leading the way in this respect with Claire Balding hosting a prime time talk show, a heavy female presence on their panel shows and selected games from the women’s premier league being shown.

Increased Pressure On Athletes –

You may not think that increased pressure on female athletes is a positive thing but it is a clear sign that their side of sport is increasing in popularity. In the past, not many people would be aware of up and coming tournaments or the participants that are tipped to perform well, and so there wasn’t much pressure on them from the general public or the media. However, now that this has changed people are more aware of what’s going on and therefore the pressure to succeed has increased.

Take the recent European championships for example. When England have crashed out in the past there has been little said about it, but with many more eyes on them this year the team came under increased scrutiny. The same can also be said for the British athletes competing at Moscow 2013.


Chris Mayhew is an avid sports fan and is pleased to see that women’s sport is finally getting the recognition it deserves. He would recommend Sport4Kids to anyone looking for a local sports club that their child can join.


Top Story: Student’s Tweet Scores Him Date With Lolo Jones

lolo jones hot 6

Social media maven Lolo Jones may have just gotten beaten at her own game.

The Olympic hurdler and bobsledder has made headlines with some controversial tweets recently, but in general she is one of the most social media-friendly athletes.

Recently, Jones accepted a challenge from one of her 360,000 followers — should this student, a 21-year-old named Bubby Lyles tally 150,000 retweets for one of his tweets, Jones would go on a date with him.

Jones sent out the tweet on June 20th, and this week he got his 150,000th retweet.

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Flint Positive Spotlight: Claressa Shields is Olympic Champion

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