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How To Look Good Dancing Even If You Suck


If you are worried about how you look on the dance floor, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. There are hundreds of people out there who are terrified by the thought of having to dance in public, not only because they get embarrassed but also because they just can’t dance.

However, dancing doesn’t have to be so terrifying. If you actually just let go of your fears you’ll have a great time on the dance floor. Since there’s nothing more depressing than having to sit on the side-lines bored whilst everyone else cuts loose on the dance floor, enjoying themselves, why not take some steps to ensure you’re not side-lined ever again?

1. Try to remember everyone’s a little bit self-conscious.

They may not look it, but most people out on the dance floor will be feeling anxious about how they look when they dance and what onlookers are thinking about their dance style. The trick is to just act like you don’t care, even when you do. No one else can see how you’re really feeling, so for all they know, you’re the most confident person in the room.

2. Start off slow

You may think acting confident still won’t help your actual dancing ability but it definitely will. Even if you’re the worst dancer in the world, confidence will give your dancing some credibility. Oddly enough, if you act like you don’t care how you dance; other people will just accept it and give you a lot of credit for enjoying yourself.

When you’re not a confident dancer, it is best to start off slow. So, just start by nodding and bopping your head and tapping your feet to the music. Try and stick to the beat and you’ll slowly start to build up your confidence. Learning how to keep beat with your head and feet will help your rhythm when you eventually take to the dance floor.

3. Stand up and start shuffling

By shuffling, we don’t mean the little walk that old people do. We mean shifting your weight from one side of your body to the other. Since you will be more confident about keeping the beat of the music, as practiced in step 2, it should be a lot easier for you to start shifting your weight from one foot to the other, in time to the music.

Try to keep your legs loose and remember to bend your knees throughout the weight shifting since it will give you a bit more natural bounce and help your dancing look smoother. As you become more familiar with shifting your weight around to the music, start moving your feet sideways and forwards; take your time to move into this and make sure you are comfortable.

4. Add some more body movements

Now you’ve got the weight shift sorted and you’ve started moving your feet, it’s time to add a bit of hip movement. By this we don’t mean hip thrusting! Adding hip movement should be subtle; otherwise it will only make you feel more self-conscious.

To add hip movements to your dancing, all you need to do is turn your body slightly towards the direction of the foot you’re shifting your weight on to. So, when shifting weight onto your left foot, your left hip should go backwards whilst your right hip turns into your body slightly and vice versa when shifting onto your right foot.

This hip movement will help your dancing look more natural and flowing. In fact if you take some time to look at how other people are dancing, you’ll probably find they’re not doing much more than simple hip and weight shifting movements either.

5. Be comfortable in what you’re wearing

Dancing involves a lot of movement and is hard enough when you’re wearing comfy clothes, let alone when you’re wearing a fancy outfit and heels. Being uncomfortable in what you’re wearing can seriously affect how well you move and how confident you look when dancing.

Before attending any event where you are going to be dancing, make sure you have tried on your outfit and practiced your dance movements at least twice. There’s no point making all the effort to learn how to look good when dancing, if your clothes and ladies ballroom dance shoes are going to spoil it.

Laura writes for Danceforce. When not writing, she can often be found dancing–at the gym, in a class, or just in her living room.

High End Temporary Tattoos: Amazing Body Art Without The Pain Or Permanence

temp tattoo


Whether you realize it or not, you probably thrive off change. Renewing your identity by switching up your look can work wonders to energize your life and help you pull yourself out of a depressive slump. Change your hairstyle, buy some new clothes and consider exploring the world of temporary body art.

1. Style, Possibilities and Versatility

If you’re caught up in a new phase, you may feel tempted to get a permanent tattoo to go with your fresh outlook on life. However, it’s important to consider that you could always change your mind, so first going with a temporary tattoo is a much better option. At some point in the future, you might go through a stage in your life where you want to shed everything from the past. Whether or not you will feel this way is difficult to predict, so it’s always better to refrain from making permanent changes to your physical appearance.

2. No Pain or Chance of Infection

There are some people who enjoy the pain of getting a tattoo and others who shy away from the practice because of it. If you’re one of the latter, you will be pleased to know that temp tattoos are completely pain free, and they often look and feel quite similar to the real thing.

3. Major Quality Improvements

If your only experience with temporary tattoos is with the cheap prizes that came out of cereal boxes when you were a kid, it’s time to open your mind. Temporary tattoos have come a long way since those days, and they are now perfect for adults as well as kids. You can now find beautiful temporary tattoos in just about any design imaginable.

4. Easy to Apply

Temporary tattoo designs have improved, but they still function in pretty much the same way they always have. Simply press the tattoo design into your wet skin and then carefully remove the transfer paper. When you’re ready to remove the design, scrub your skin with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol, or just let the tattoo slowly flake off on its own.

5. Affordable and Easy to Find

If you’re interested in trying temporary tattoos, browse the Internet. There are many different sites that offer a large selection of them at affordable prices, allowing you to collect many different designs. This way, you will always have a body art option to suit your current mood.

Temporary tatts give you options when it comes to expressing your personality. Not only can you match your body art to your hair and makeup, but you can also express a completely new you each and every day. If nothing else, sporting a temporary one for a short time may help you decide if you would like a permanent tattoo in the future.

Freelance artist and author Molly Pearce is a lover of fashion and always looking to share the scoop on the latest trends. She also appreciates the artful creativity of today’s temp tattoos and views fresh designs on the web at tattooyou.com.




How To Dress Well With Tattoos

how to dressKnow how to dress whether you want to show off your tats or make sure no one sees them.

Dressing with style and flair can be a challenge when you are not quite sure how to dress for your tattoos. Whether you want to show them off or keep them covered, these fashion tips for looking your best.

Showing It Off

If you are dressing for spring or summer, the best thing you can do is to make sure all of your tattoo is visible. If you wear something that covers it partly, it will look, strange or uneven. By allowing your entire tattoo to show, it will become a part of your outfit.

You should also consider how that tattoo would look next to the colors in your clothing. If you have very heavily patterned and colorful tattoos, you may want to stick to a basic color scheme with your clothes and allow your tattoos to be the pop of color in your wardrobe. More muted tattoos can be dressed up with colorful and funky clothes.

Covering It Up

If you are going to an event where it’s essential you cover your tattoos, you have several options available, depending upon the location of your tattoo. If the tattoo is on your foot or ankle, you will need to wear shoes or boots that cover it.

Slouchy cowboy boots are very cute when paired with the right summer dress and they make sure your foot, angle and calf tattoos are covered. If the tattoo is on your upper leg, you can wear pants to cover it. If the event requires a dress, wearing leggings under the dress is also a good option.

For tattoos on your arms, a shrug or light sweater is an excellent and stylish way to cover your tattoos for a more formal occasion. These usually look nice with both spring and summer dresses, which may be sleeveless or short sleeved.

If you absolutely must, you can always try a cover cream to cover your tattoo. Make sure you get a high quality cream that will not rub off as the day goes on. Take the cream with you for when you need to apply it more than once.

Looking your Best

No matter how many tattoos you have, there are certain style tips that still apply to everyone. You should always wear clothes that fit well. This will go a long way toward making you look comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Think about ways you can accent your tattoo if the occasion is right. A shorter top paired with low cut waist jeans can show of your belly tattoo. A sleeveless shirt is perfect to show the tat on your upper arm. A pair of sandals and a sexy skirt does justice to ankle and calf tattoos.

When showing off your tattoo, be careful not to overdo it with accessories. Some simple, low-key accessories will make your tattoo the best bling you’re wearing.


Jessica Bosari is a blogger and web copy writer for New Look Laser Tattoo Removal, a tattoo removal salon that can help you remove tattoos you don’t want to show off.

Tattoo Advice That Goes A Little Deeper

When you are thinking of getting a tattoo you are likely to encounter the same advice time and time again. People will always tell you that you need to think carefully about what you are going to get because it will be with you for the rest of your life. However, it is important to build on this relatively superficial advice that many people just find irritating because it has become so throw-away.

Personal Mementos
Perhaps the first thing you need to think about in terms of the suitability of your tattoo design relates to how specific it is to your current circumstances in your personal life. It is an unfortunate fact of life that things that seem certain at any given time later seem much more uncertain and sometimes cease to be the case altogether.
For instance, getting the name of your current girlfriend or boyfriend tattooed on your arm may seem like a great idea at the time and an even better idea when you get married, but if things change later on then these tattoos can become a painful reminder of something you’d rather not have a permanent physical memorial to.

Is it worth thinking of something that stands as a metaphor for how you feel about your current girlfriend or boyfriend rather than getting their name? Sometimes using metaphors and images that can be manipulated in terms of their interpretation is a better idea because it enables you to show off something very personal but the sentiment behind the tattoo does not have to be as permanent as the ink itself.

Another thing that you ought to think carefully about in order to make sure that you remain pleased with your tattoo further down the line has to do with originality. Is your design something that countless other people have or countless other people are likely to have in time? If the answer to this question is yes then it is worth having a re-think. Sometimes the proliferation of a certain design makes individual examples of that design less special.

Of course, you may decide that even a very common design is just perfect for you because it fits your personal style and tastes and it conveys a message that you relate to. In this case, it is obviously fine to go ahead with your design – although it may be worth seeing if you artist can find a way to make it your own so that you retain a sense of originality even if the idea is a prevalent one.

Author Byline: Lorraine Dawson enjoys writing articles on body art, often writing articles for Killer Ink Ltd.

Find Your Inner Swirl

Inner Swirl is the inspiration within all of us. My goal is through my artwork to release that inspiration. -Kao Lee

I love that Kao Lee can take an image of a person and turn it into a beautiful work of art. Her work inspired me enough to inquire if she could design a tattoo for me. It never went any further than an inquiry, but I fully intend to own an original Kao Lee piece some day. Until then, I will adore from afar.

You like?


Learn more about Kao Lee and her projects – www.innerswirl.com


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