3 Club Wear Essentials for Winter


Ah, one of the most common seasonal conundrums: what kind of clothing do you wear to the club during the wintertime? Let’s not kid ourselves: a lot of us, as women, try our absolute best to impress. Unfortunately, some of … Continue reading

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High End Temporary Tattoos: Amazing Body Art Without The Pain Or Permanence

temp tattoo

  Whether you realize it or not, you probably thrive off change. Renewing your identity by switching up your look can work wonders to energize your life and help you pull yourself out of a depressive slump. Change your hairstyle, … Continue reading

Find Your Inner Swirl

Inner Swirl is the inspiration within all of us. My goal is through my artwork to release that inspiration. -Kao Lee

I love that Kao Lee can take an image of a person and turn it into a beautiful work of art. Her work inspired me enough to inquire if she could design a tattoo for me. It never went any further than an inquiry, but I fully intend to own an original Kao Lee piece some day. Until then, I will adore from afar.

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Learn more about Kao Lee and her projects – www.innerswirl.com