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Video: Our Top 5 Pinterest Pins of the Week

Ways To Burn That Extra Fat On Your Thighs And Waist Infographic: Feng Shui Bedroom Tips Infographic: The Best Dresses, Jeans, Bikinis and More for Your Body Shape! How To Recognize If a Man is Single with One Look 10 Gifts for the Female Fitness Nut in Your Life

Top Story: Infographic – Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

The principles of Feng Shui are intended to help us live a stress and clutter free life. Few of us have the time, resources or lifestyle to put together an entire house that complies with Feng Shui principles, but if there’s one room where Feng Shui is especially important, it is the bedroom. A Properly … Continue reading

How to Feng Shui Your Office

You might think that the principles of Feng Shui only work in decorating your home. Feng Shui can also be applied to the office. You already know that a messy, disorganized, chaotic office does nothing for your creativity and productivity. Let’s take one step further to boost your job performance with these simple Feng Shui … Continue reading

Rid Yourself of Negative Energy – Be Happy, Now!

Where Negative Energy Comes From Negative energy primarily stems from destructive thought patterns and bad feelings that weigh you down.  When you have strong feelings of guilt, lack, pessimism, greed, dissatisfaction, and other negative feelings, your mind perpetuates the negative energy and allows it to drag you down even further.   Sometimes negative energy comes from … Continue reading

Stand Out from the Crowd of Clutter Naysayers

“Clutter” is as personal as the clothes you wear. What you buy, where you store it, and all the ways you resist getting rid of it, offer clues to your personality—as well as your skills, talents, and gifts. As we set aside judgment, we leave room to discover how we benefit from our stuff. Here’s … Continue reading


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