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Top Story: Infographic – Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

The principles of Feng Shui are intended to help us live a stress and clutter free life. Few of us have the time, resources or lifestyle to put together an entire house that complies with Feng Shui principles, but if there’s one room where Feng Shui is especially important, it is the bedroom. A Properly Feng Shui optimized bedroom will make it easier for you to relax and doze off each evening, and leave you feeling revitalized and ready to face the day when you wake up the next morning.

Feng Shui may seem like a complex subject, but the rules are easier to follow than you might think. The bedroom is an area that should be clutter free, and that should be designed around the focus of love and relationships. Keep the bedroom free of distractions, such as televisions and games consoles, and replace those items with pictures of your spouse, or someone who is incredibly important to you. Red, pink and other warming colors are a good choice for your decor. The bedroom should be light and airy during the day, but you should choose curtains heavy enough to block out all light during the evening.

Above all, make sure that you avoid the Feng Shui mistakes mentioned in this infographic. The fewer stresses and negative influences you have in your life, the better.



How to Feng Shui Your Office

You might think that the principles of Feng Shui only work in decorating your home. Feng Shui can also be applied to the office. You already know that a messy, disorganized, chaotic office does nothing for your creativity and productivity. Let’s take one step further to boost your job performance with these simple Feng Shui tips.

Family photos

Most people have photos of their loved ones on their desks. This is to remind them of what’s important. This reminds you why you are working. Just make sure that the photo you display reminds you of good times. Make sure that it is inspiring. For example, vacation photos are popular choices. If something stressful happened at a particular vacation, skip that photo. It will only remind you of that problematic time and will give you anxiety in the office. Choose ones that have happy, uplifting memories to inspire you to work. If photos are not your thing, opt for an object or a thing that symbolizes positivity. Use a memento, a souvenir, an award, etc. to help you stay focused and motivated.

Colors are powerful

You probably know this by now. Colors evoke different emotions. Red symbolizes aggressiveness and anxiety so don’t paint your office in this color. Consider painting your office blue to create a sense of calm in your workplace. You can also paint it in soft greens to boost your creativity. Gray is used to evoke sophistication. Your choice of colors are powerful. They can make or break your mood.

Put plants

You don’t need the high maintenance kind. Just put ones that are easy to take care of. Bamboo is a good example. Plants help to clean the air and gives a vibrant life force to the surrounding. You will also find that you can breathe easier with a plant in your room.


Aromatherapy is not just for spas. Like colors, scents are very powerful. For example, lemon oil uplifts your spirits. It helps you to keep motivated. If you feel like you’re in a rut. Stop what you’re doing and take a whiff of your chosen oil to get your juju back.

Your desk

Never place your back against the door. You will subconsciously feel vulnerable because you don’t know what’s going on there. You can also be startled when someone suddenly enters your office. Always have your desk facing the door but not directly aligned with it. You can have a window or a wall behind you to make you feel in control.

Goals and mantras

Write your personal goal or a mantra for the day on a post it and stick it to your computer or your board. It will help you finish your task quicker and will keep you focused on your goal. Be sure to change your daily mantras so that you will really stick to them and be able to do them.

These simple ancient practices will help you feel more relaxed, calm, focused and motivated. It will result to an increase in productivity that will in turn affect your bottom line in a positive way.

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Rid Yourself of Negative Energy – Be Happy, Now!

Where Negative Energy Comes From

Negative energy primarily stems from destructive thought patterns and bad feelings that weigh you down.  When you have strong feelings of guilt, lack, pessimism, greed, dissatisfaction, and other negative feelings, your mind perpetuates the negative energy and allows it to drag you down even further.   Sometimes negative energy comes from other people – people who criticize and belittle others, and people who seem to suck all the joy from a place spread negative energy.   Negative energy can also be caused through things, such as television and movies that spread negative messages, books and magazines that spread hateful messages, and even places where people who tend to be negative congregate can cause negative energy to spread.

How Different Sources of Negative Energy Can Impact You

Negative energy can make you feel dull and tired, lackadaisical and full of doubt or even dread.  It can make you feel lazy and hold you back from doing the things you need to do.  Different sources of negative energy can impact you in different ways.

Self-perpetuating negative energy – This is the kind of negative energy that backs up when your mindset is less than healthy.  Negativity within yourself can cause feelings of failure, which in turn, lead to failure itself.  If you think you can’t succeed at something, you are probably right!  This kind of negative energy often surfaces when you really want to make a change but you are afraid to do it or you think you can’t for some reason.  If you catch yourself holding negative thoughts like this, replace them with better, more positive thoughts:  “I can do that, I know I can.” 

Expecting Catastrophes – Many people who live in a constant state of worry and fear tend to fantasize about the worst-case-scenario coming to life.  They worry about it so much, that they work to block the worst from happening – but since they’re only focusing on the worst, they block the optimum outcome from happening, too.  If you constantly expect catastrophes, ask yourself why.  Work to replace your catastrophic mindset with one that consistently expects favorable outcomes,  and you’ll find that life is happier and more abundant.

Other People – When you surround yourself with people who are negative thinkers, they have an impact on your energy level.  Any positive feelings you have will be sucked dry, and replaced with feelings of negativity that match those of the people around you.  Most people do not intentionally attempt to create negative energy – it just happens to spread like wildfire.  Keep in mind, positive energy spreads just as well as negative energy does.  When you surround yourself with people who tend to think positive thoughts, you set  yourself up for success in the luck and happiness department!

How to Block Negative Energy and Allow More Positive Energy into Your Life

The first step toward blocking negative energy is to locate the source of the negative energy.  There may be only one source, but in most cases, there are several sources.  Just as people who are happy normally have several sources of joy within their lives, so negativity spreads as well. 

Once you have determined the source or sources of the negative energy, you are ready to get to work.  Don’t be afraid!  Allowing positive energy to take over is much easier than you may imagine.

Attitude – The attitude you approach erasing negative energy with has a lot to do with how successful you will be.  Rather than taking a negative, doubtful approach, give it all you’ve got.  Listen to music that uplifts you, read books that inspire you, and stay away from things that drag you down.  If you can make small changes every day, you’ll find that your attitude changes for the better and you’ll feel much more positive as time passes by.

Expectations – Your expectations have a direct impact on the amount of positive energy that enters your life!  When you expect good things to happen, they will.  The more intention and emotional feelings of joy and love you can put forth with your expectations, the more good will come your way.  There is no limit to the amount of joy and abundance in the universe – these things are limitless!  They are simply waiting to arrive for you – so expect them, and they will show up in your life sooner than you might think.

People and Situations – Perhaps you have plenty of positive places to go and a number of wonderful people in your life who can be a good influence on your energy level.  If not, it’s time to be creative. 

First, take stock of your daily life.  Who do you spend time with, and how do they affect you?  Do they make you happy, or do they bring the worst in you out into the open?  Can you limit the amount of time you spend with people who fill you with negative energy, or stop seeing them altogether?  

Second, where do you spend the majority of your time?  Is your work space cluttered and unappealing, or is it tastefully decorated in a way that helps motivate you toward greater creativity in your daily work?  Is your home clean and inviting, or is it a place you would rather not be?  Even the most humble office cubicle or the smallest, most basic apartment can be transformed into a place that is full of positive energy.  Decorate with the things that make you happy, and clear out anything that doesn’t quite do the trick. 

Finally, how do you spend your time?  Do you spend all your free time in front of the TV or surfing the internet looking at things that really have no meaning in your life?  Do you pay attention to the people you are with, and look for the value in each experience?  By making the most of each and every day, you can transform negative energy into something more fresh and positive – and live a life that is much happier, and more rewarding. 


Stand Out from the Crowd of Clutter Naysayers

“Clutter” is as personal as the clothes you wear. What you buy, where you store it, and all the ways you resist getting rid of it, offer clues to your personality—as well as your skills, talents, and gifts. As we set aside judgment, we leave room to discover how we benefit from our stuff. Here’s a quick look from one perspective.

Some people are just moving too fast to clean up. Their commitment to many things is unrelenting. The clue is piles of unfinished projects. Very little is accomplished. Yet, in each and every pile is the seed of an idea. This person is an innovator, but needs people who will nurture, to maturity, the seeds that have been planted. Give this person an extra-large home office to house the helpers—leaving the pioneer free to create the next, new big thing. Keep things simple. Avoid multi-level homes. And, entice the adventurer into a beautiful home garden to pause, reflect, and rejuvenate.

Others save all things that “speak” to them—favorite things—things that tell a sentimental story. “Clutter” often shows up as a collection of things; Pez dispensers, Barbie dolls, or fifties gumball machines—and they can spread like wild fire consuming room after room. Asking one to “edit” can overwhelm the soulful storyteller. The fear is the loss of one’s self-expression, and one’s very self. If the home allows room for both the expansion and the containment of this dramatic expression, everyone will be rewarded with a powerful display of enthusiasm.

One clutter expert suggested that we must first “envision an empty space.” However, to envision an empty space is impossible for the person who, by nature, cares for everyone. Closets and cupboards are filled with things that make everyone comfortable—sheets and towels, boxes of tea, and umbrellas for a rainy day—for everyone who might show up. We are all less lonely and desolate because of her devotion to friendship and connection. However, caring can become a compulsion, and things take over. From the beginning, this person needs extra storage, especially in the kitchen where people gather. If things begin to overflow, proceed slowly, thank her for her devotion to others, and assure her that the pantry will be sufficiently full when you leave.

My nature is to keep all things beautiful. You will sense an elegant precision, a sense of ease and comfort if I’ve done it right. It’s my gift. But, “right” can become controlling, and order can become a rigid sense of perfection for some. Extracting order from chaos can become a phony display. To help create an atmosphere of intimacy and spontaneity, give the keeper of beautiful things a room for all things utilitarian—easily accessible and painted a stunning color. And, kudos to industrial designers who have a keen sense of style! Even a beautiful vacuum can remain in my sightline and I’m happy.

Some people want to be left alone to dream—to envision what can be—to live in a world of ideas. They are thinkers, and need a large study (far from everyone) to house books, papers, and things that connect them to all things important. Any suggestion to clean up will fall on deaf ears, for cleaning is not worthy of their precious time. Know that all this stuff is filled with relevant surprises—thoughts that may someday change the world (and the person will know where to find each and every one).

Before you beat yourself up about your stuff, celebrate. It’s truly a unique adventure.


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