#KeepitDangerous! Marathon: 5 of the Coolest Fantasy Movies Of 2013


It is never too late to watch another fantastic film. Don’t we all like going to other worlds and imagine we are part of all the heroes. The year of 2012 ended with the first part of Peter Jackson’s trilogy … Continue reading

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Explore The Newest And Strangest Alternative Energies


Finding alternative and potentially renewable energy sources has been a major topic of debate for many years. While efficient energy sources outside of oil, nuclear reactors, and windmills was often seen as science fiction, this technology can now be found … Continue reading

The Best Doomsday Predictions in History


Image by: Furryscaley Ever since mankind really started getting a handle on the planet that we live on we have been predicting in one way or another that the end is coming and that we are all going to be … Continue reading

Attempts to Save the Environment (That Failed, Badly)


Saving the Earth is widely considered a good thing to do if you aren’t Galactacus, the Daleks or the “evil” business people in Captain Planet. However, like anything worth doing, saving the Earth is really hard. This means a lot … Continue reading

Asteroid to Barely Miss Earth Monday, June 27th

An asteroid found this past Wednesday being called 2011 MD will pass within 8,000 miles of the earths atmosphere. If it was coming right for us getting word less than a week before is not good news, but there's not much we would be able to do about it either way. Click the image for the full story!