Top Story: 8 Gift Ideas For Mom This Christmas


It has been said that a mother’s love knows no bounds. Yet when it comes time to select a gift for the most special woman in your life, you might come up empty. This Christmas, show Mom your appreciation with … Continue reading

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Top Story – The Best Earrings to Compliment Your Hairstyle


The right earrings can create the perfect finishing touches to your hair. The wrong earrings, on the other hand, can either get lost in the depths of your tresses or stand out so much that they are the only thing … Continue reading

Italian Vogue Refers to Large Hoop Earrings as “Slave Earrings”

Many Black women, including myself, love to wear large hoop earrings and have been doing so for decades. Italian Vogue took it upon themselves to refer to large hoop earrings as “slave earrings”. When will people learn decorum? Click my knife for the full story!