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Top Story: 8 Gift Ideas For Mom This Christmas

It has been said that a mother’s love knows no bounds. Yet when it comes time to select a gift for the most special woman in your life, you might come up empty. This Christmas, show Mom your appreciation with one of these gift ideas.


1. Her Signature Scent

Treat Mom to her favorite fragrance this year. She’ll think of you every time she puts it on. If Mom doesn’t wear fragrances regularly, consider assembling a basket of beauty supplies to help her pamper herself. Scented body washes and lotions will help her refresh whenever she needs recharging.

2. Designer Earrings

Exquisite jewelry can dress up even the simplest outfit. A pair of designer earrings in your mom’s personal style is sure to please. Designer studs add timeless elegance to any outfit. Playful dangles lend a touch of whimsy to the blandest clothing.

3. Updated Electronics

While electronics are touted as perfect gifts for dads, moms like their gadgets too. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers or even gaming consoles can bring a smile to Mom’s face on Christmas.

4. A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Subscriptions enable you to shower Mom with gifts all year long. Once relegated to magazines, it is now possible to send monthly deliveries of flower bouquets, beauty boxes brimming with hot new cosmetics, and wines or beer. For foodies, consider monthly food deliveries with gourmet treats or even a subscription to her local CSA for organic produce boxes.

5. Anything Cashmere

For many moms, nothing can compare to the feel of cashmere. The classic cashmere sweater adds luxury to Mom’s wardrobe. Now cashmere can be found in scarves and other items, for a truly special gift.

6. Spa Treatments

One thing most moms have in common is that they tend to put the needs of everyone else ahead of their own. A day at the spa can help your mom get the well-deserved relaxation and pampering she needs. Consider purchasing a massage package so she can receive several massages during the year. Gift certificates for manicures, facials or waxing are also gladly welcomed by many mothers.

7. Her Favorite Treats

Is Mom a chocoholic? A Starbucks junkie? You know Mom best. This gift can be as simple as a gift card to her favorite haunt or as elaborate as a beautiful basket stuffed to the brim with all of her favorite treats. She will be touched that you remembered all of her favorites and thrilled to be stocked up when her next craving hits.

8. The Gift of Time

Of all the things your mom loves, she loves you the most. Schedule some special uninterrupted time for the two of you to visit. A spa day together, a special meal or even a simple picnic is sure to bring a smile to her face. If your mom is getting on in years, perhaps she could use some help around the house. Maybe you could spend a day completing her tasks for her.

Let Mom know how much you love and appreciate her this Christmas by thinking of her favorite things when you hit the stores. A little forethought can help you make her holiday more special than ever this year.

Jill Sharp has worked in high-end retail stores for over 5 years and loves helping people chose gifts for their loved ones. For more great gift ideas, Jill recommends visiting thegiftinsider.com.

Hoop Earrings Make A Dangerous Impression


Hoop earrings have always been a hit with women of all ages and they seem to have a made a big impact on the fashion scene off late. You see them being sported by runway models while they flaunt their gorgeous clothes and Hollywood Divas are making them their style statement on the red carpet. Every time you step out of the house you want to make sure you have got your look spot on. And these earrings are the perfect way of complementing different types of looks and working them to the hilt.

You pay a lot of attention to the outfit you are going to wear for a special occasion, you make sure your hair is done up beautifully to get you all the attention as well. And you can add to the charm by accessorizing the look with these earrings that will speak volumes about your style and personality. If you have your hair tied back to go with the dress you are wearing, you can have the maximum impact with these earrings. And you can get them in different styles, designs and made out of stunning silver to gems to suit your individual tastes.

Work for every occasion

If you want to wear earrings that will go with your smart work outfit but add a dash of glamour to your look as well then they are just perfect for you. You can also rock your evening look with a cocktail dress paired with these elegant earrings. Less is more has never been truer than when it comes to the look accessorized with these earrings alone. You can wear them with evening gowns when you are at a social gathering or they can be your chosen flirty, accomplices when you are on a night out with your friends.

Make for perfect presents

Are you looking for just the right present for that special lady in your life? Do you want to bring a smile to her face and show her how much you appreciate her presence in your life? In that case you can dazzle her with these earrings that will always be a hit with her. Make a special day in your life truly memorable by getting these earrings, especially made in top quality silver. They are subtle but astonishingly beautiful at the same time and they always make their mark.

How to find the best

Of course you have the option of going to a jeweler in town looking for these earrings. But it’s time consuming and you also don’t get to see a lot of options, which you can definitely find on dedicated online stores. These stores will have beautifully made hoops that bring the best out of superior quality silver. You can go through myriad options before you make your purchase and you will always be assured of the quality of earrings you buy. What’s more, often they are reasonably priced and you can get them specially made to your liking too.

Hoop earrings are classy, smart and sassy; everything you’d ask for and more.

Claudia Martinez is an expert content writer who writes for several blogs and websites including Lifestyle and Fashion blogs.

Must Have Accessories For Fall

Along with fashion trends, come accessories. To some, accessories are not a big deal, but to others they can either make or break an outfit.  Choosing the right accessories can be crucial when picking an outfit and there are a lot of jewelry wholesalers that make it a point for accessories to get noticed. Below are some of the must have accessories for this fall.

Burgundy Purse

Everyone has a purse they use on a daily basis that has everything you could possibly need throughout the day in it. This Fall choose burgundy as your color of choice for your everyday purse. Burgundy is going to be one of the most popular colors this fall. It goes with just about everything, especially rich jewel tones.

Chandelier Earrings

Long, dangling earrings have been making a comeback the past few seasons.  These earrings give a very elegant, gorgeous look that makes them suitable for any occasion. Whether you are trying to decide on earrings to wear to the office or a night out, chandelier earrings can change an outfit completely.

Skinny Belt

Skinny belts are the perfect way to pull an outfit together, and they come in hundreds of different colors that appeal to everyone. These types of belts are great to have in different colors, so you can give any outfit a pop of color.

Old School Glasses

Even if you don’t need a pair of glasses to see, you may be investing in a pair this fall. Old School Glasses have become very popular recently, making everyone want to snag a pair. These glasses may look retro but have been tweaked to give that modern appeal.  Old School Glasses fall into the intellectual look that many fashionistas have been sporting lately.  The trend is continuing to grow into the fall especially with many returning back to school.

Artsy Scarves

Scarfs make any outfit more appealing. Artsy scarves are making a comeback and many artists are taking their artwork and introducing it to the fashion world on a scarf. They are becoming a popular seller as the summer comes to an end.

Get a jump start on fall trends by preparing ahead of time and getting reasonable prices on accessories. Jewelry wholesalers are the best place to shop for accessories at affordable prices.  Shopping around will also help you because different stores sell the same items for different prices.  Accessorize your way into fall!


About The Author: Michele Filipkowski is a part of team of fashion writers who have contributed to hundreds of blogs related to this field. Follow her @micheleashley89


Accessorizing a White Outfit

If you are looking for tips on how to add a little something to that white outfit, look no further! Here are a few ways that you can spice up your otherwise plain outfit.

It is believed that every woman should have a solid white dress. Not only are they easy to dress down to go out to the movies but they are also easy to dress up for a day date. Simply adding jewelry to your dress can create a beautiful look but it also makes for a more stylish look. You can add jewelry like stud earrings, a few bangles for your wrist, hoop earrings, or a strand of pearls.

If you’re having a hard time finding some shoes that would be suiting, adding a strappy sandal usually works. Choose a shoe color that will match the jewelry you have chosen to wear. For instance, if the jewelry you are wearing is a light color, wear silver shoes or another light color. If you are going to be carrying a clutch or purse, remember that that is part of your ensemble. If you need help deciding on a bag or clutch, follow the rules for the shoes.

Dress your white outfit down by making it more informal. This means that you can wear your flip flops with it. You can add wood jewelry for a nice touch that is also reasonably priced. Wood bangles that are light weight can usually be found in your local store.

Another popular outfit to wear right now is the white blouse and white jeans combination. You can create a bunch of different looks with this combination. For example, you can add bright colors like plastic bracelets and necklaces for a more fun look.

Starting with shoes and a belt is always best when you don’t know how to start enhancing the white jeans and shirt combo. Adding zebra striped shoes and a zebra striped belt can start you off. The next step is to add some color. Pair gold bracelets with a chunky gold necklace or if you want a bolder look, wear a bulky red necklace. Don’t forget to find a clutch or purse that will match your entire outfit.

When wearing a white outfit, whether a dress or jeans and a shirt, remember that you need to add some cute animal prints or bright colors. The key is to just have fun!

Author Bio: Alyx Braze is an author who specializes in women’s apparel and has a passion for fashion.

Top Story – The Best Earrings to Compliment Your Hairstyle

The right earrings can create the perfect finishing touches to your hair. The wrong earrings, on the other hand, can either get lost in the depths of your tresses or stand out so much that they are the only thing people notice about your outfit.

There are a few simple guidelines you can follow to create the perfect balance between hairdo and earrings. This will help your favourite jewelry to give the maximum impact and ensure that your earrings enhance your look without distracting from it, making the most of your best features.

There are two ways to decide which earrings to wear. If you have a particular pair that you want to show off, choose the right hairstyle to go with your earrings. Alternatively, if you have decided that you want to wear your hair in a certain style, you need to select the appropriate earrings to show off your locks at their best.

Earrings for short hair and up-do’s

The great thing about short hair and up-do’s is that when it comes to earrings anything goes, to a certain extent. You can wear small studs or massive drop earrings if you want. However, it can be helpful to bear your face shape in mind if you want to create a look that’s balanced and makes the most of your assets.

When you have short hair your facial features become much more prominent, so you’ll want to choose earrings that complement your best features rather than drawing attention to your imperfections.

As a general rule of thumb, if you’ve got a long or oblong face, a pair of long earrings will accentuate this when your hair is worn up. Similarly, women with round faces will make their faces seem even rounder when they choose a large pair of hoops. This is generally true when you are wearing your hair up. However, women with short hair will find that this visual trick is even more noticeable.

Earrings for long and shoulder length hair

If you are wearing your long hair down, you will find that small earrings such as studs can get lost in your hair. A good way to make sure that your earrings get noticed is to go for a pair of long drop style earrings, even if your face is long. They will provide tantalizing flashes through your flowing hair and will add a hint of texture and sparkle to your finished look.

If you have shoulder length hair, you can really play around with your look to get the right balance of earrings, necklace and hairstyle. Chunky necklaces look great with shoulder length hair, but you’ll want to keep it balanced with a smaller pair of earrings if you opt for a statement necklace.

Colour matters

The colour of your jewelry can really enhance your best features, so you need to make sure you’ve got it right. Jewelry should complement the color of your outfit first and foremost, but if you’re wearing something like a little black dress, you’ll want to choose jewelry to complement your hair and skin tone instead.

Blondes tend to suit really bright colors such as sapphire blues and lighter colored silver whereas darker hair can look great with gold jewelry and the deeper colored stones. Redheads and jade or emerald green are a match made in heaven; there is nothing quite like it for showing off those auburn locks.

Our guest blogger today is Zoe, an experienced fashion and beauty writer from the UK. Besides writing about the latest trends, Zoe loves to find new ways to accessorize simple outfits. Currently, she is enjoying writing for costume jewelry company Pearl & Butler.

Statement Earrings For Spring


An outfit is not complete without killer accessories. Earrings are an essential part of any outfit and the spring of 2012 brings a mass of lovely earrings from which to choose. These bold and dangling pieces will make a statement for you with any outfit you wear. Big hoop earrings from the 1980s and 90s can be worn again and classify as vintage, which is the buzz word in fashion lately. Earrings of all shapes and sizes are worn this year, but the bigger the better.


Hoops in all shapes are high fashion this year. Some are plain gold, whilst others have metal or resin beads dangling from them. Yet others are brightly colored or consist of plaited cord with added crystals. There are earrings with two or even up to five narrow circles inside each other and then really long earrings with three or more circles dangling one from the other. Lacy designs give flat gold silhouette circles even more depth. Interlocking rings form intricate patterns that drop low.

Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier or cascade earrings feature in all colors and styles. Turquoise is particularly popular this year in all kinds of fashionable jewellery accessories and earrings are no exception. From a single dot of turquoise among many other colors, to a dangling bunch of turquoise teardrops, this color features prominently.


Another interesting development in this year’s earring style are really long tassels. Some of them hang well below the shoulders and they are a uniform colour such as burgundy or orange. They are made from thin cotton cord, but many of these hanging tassels are also made of thin identical gold chains bunched together at the top. These are also called fringe earrings. Beaded strings in a single color such as orange or silver also form bunches and straight tassels.


Many forms of chains make up different drop earrings seen everywhere on the runways. Some are in chandelier shapes or dangle down in bunches and others form triangular patterns. Links are plain round ones, square box types or twisted into each other. Some bolder link shapes are called lobster claws and are heavier metal, such as gold, silver or brass.


Colored enamel also features with costume jewellery; earrings are a uniform color with interesting shapes such as swan’s feathers and are available in a variety of bright colors to match most outfits. Some earrings have enamel insets used alongside other materials such as crystals. Resin with coloured inclusions is also very versatile and easy to mold.

Getting Fruity!

Fruit and vegetable shapes are being seen on famous ears this season. Beautiful cherry red tomatoes, brightly colored fruit salad and even miniature palm trees are part of the bold statement earrings in this year’s collection.

Mother-of-pearl is seen in many designs; beaten gold remains popular and looks particularly good in this spring’s large jewellery.

Smaller Earrings

Small understated earrings will never disappear from the fashion scene. Pure gold, whether white, yellow or rose, platinum, sterling silver and precious stones are still used to manufacture high quality jewellery worn in the classic style. Small glittering earrings are preferred by some women to large and bold statement earrings 

This post was contributed by Zoe, an enthusiastic fashion blogger with an expertise in jewellery. She is currently writing on behalf of jewelry brand Pearl & Butler. You can reach Zoe on Twitter @bloggingstyle.


Italian Vogue Refers to Large Hoop Earrings as “Slave Earrings”

Many Black women, including myself, love to wear large hoop earrings and have been doing so for decades. Italian Vogue took it upon themselves to refer to large hoop earrings as “slave earrings”. When will people learn decorum? Click my knife for the full story!


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