Top Story: Meet Graffiti Queen Stef 1


Graffiti is an important part of the five elements of hip hop culture. Many times it is often looked at as a male dominated art form. But of course there are plenty of females representing and doing a great job.  

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Chicago graffiti queen better known as, STEF 1.

On an international level this lady has gone beyond in regards to what is “expected” out of a graffiti artist.

Not only is she a teacher, painter, DJ, spiritualist, and hip hop enthusiast, she is real with no pretensions or  hating on other artists.

She’s about pure support (just ask the many artists from all over the world that have slept on this woman’s couch from the “locals” to others from abroad ).

She’s art and love in the female form.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the world I am pleased to introduce the one, the only STEF 1 – CHI-TOWN GRAFFITI QUEEN.


When did you first discover graffiti?


The first time I ever wrote graffiti on a wall I was 14 and it was for a party crew in Florida called LJC around 1986.


Who are some of your favorite graffiti artists from Chicago?


My favorite graffiti writers in Chicago are Trixter, Sivel, and Temper, strictly for style and ups.


What are some of your favorite colors to work with?


My current favorite colors are Smurf blue for bombin’ because it really vibrates against the ugly buff brown all over the city. I also love this Orlando orange I just used recently. I love Montana Cherokee and I love Belton anything. The old school colors I liked were krylon jungle green, terra cotta, and i used to love American accents summer squash.


Do you have any preferences in regards to where and what to paint?


I prefer to paint on trains, freights, trucks, billboards, rooftops, roll down gates, street spots, highway spots or nice organized permission walls with free paint. I also like good food, music, swag bags, and no drama. None of these situations happen nearly as often as I’d like them to.



What are some of your favorite memories?


My favorite memories painting were on the streets of Chicago, mostly by myself. Freights are nice and chill evenings where you can soak in the atmosphere and kinda bond with whoever you’re painting with. The most beautiful chill wall I ever painted on was in Puerto Rico in La Perla with nothing on my back but the ocean and also in the Bronx with Cope and Lucha. Costa Rica was also nice because I have a spot on the local wall of fame.


Any scary moments that you can recall?


Scariest moment painting is being chased by a dog on the metra tracks and laying in a puddle of water on a rooftop in the middle of winter for about 2 hours till it was safe to come down. I almost got hit by a train and had to dive and roll in the rocks on the side of the tracks. Just dealing with the authorities in general is never fun.


Any complaints or issues that you would like to address in regards to the Chicago Graffiti Scene?


I can’t stand the bitchiness that comes with graff “competition”. I think we are all in a big family against the world and need to realize that graff is a spiritual path. What would Jesus do if he wrote graff? That’s what all these bitch ass dudes need to ask themselves.


What are you working on at the moment?

STEF 1 :

I’m working on more of a legit web presence as an artist and traveling to Art Basel in Miami to paint, network, and just have fun.  I am also organizing a block party for women in hip-hop in the summer in Chicago.


I know you gave me a few of you favorite artists from the Chi , but overall who are some of your favorites?


My favorite graffiti artists in the world are really other women that I want to paint with like Rosy, Musa, Nina, Spice and Lady Pink.


I can’t let you go without letting the world know which crews you represent


The crews I represent are THC, TME, ESP, K.A.O.S Inc., and XMEN worldwide boyeeeeeeeeeeee!


Week 3: The Dangerous Lee Diaries

1/16/12 – Had an interview on the Flint Underground podcast, picked up the finished video promo for The Dangerous Lee Experiment, and received the logo for Danger Babies. Great day!


1/17/12 – Made lots of important phone calls and spoke with a few people I hadn’t spoken to in quite some time, including DJ Swift.

1/18/12 – I don’t recall that anything worth mentioning happened on this day. It was a laid back, chill day…for the most part.

1/19/12 – My daughter, Senia, had a recital at school where she sang and played a recorder. Footage is coming soon via her You Tube show, Simply Senia. I also had the displeasure of sitting next to someone that had the B.O. of someone who sleeps in garbage. Not hot!

1/20/12 – Saw the film Red Tails and spent some quality time with my mother and daughter.

1/21/12 – Got my taxes done and had dinner and good conversation with Jennie Moench and Nic Custer from Flint Underground, and hung out with more good friends at The Studio. Another great day!

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