The Jacksons To Collaborate with David Guetta?


The Jacksons want to collaborate with David Guetta. The pop group – consisting Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon, siblings of the late Michael Jackson – are keen to team up with the DJ-and-music producer in the near future to work … Continue reading

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Do You ‘Cee’ What I See?: An Ahistorical Collision Between Hip-Hop,”Manhood,” Silence and Sexuality


  By Cleo Manago, CEO and founder of the Black Men’s Xchange (BMX)  By now you may have heard about the recent scandal surrounding Mister Cee, a well-known hip-hop DJ in New York City. Mister Cee was “caught” on tape soliciting a … Continue reading

Have You Been To A Silent Disco Yet? It’s The Quietest Fun You’ll Ever Have!


If you’ve not been to a silent disco yet then it’s about time you changed that! Popular at festivals and nightclubs alike, silent discos are a relatively new craze that more and more people are getting into. It’s like nothing … Continue reading

Album Review: DJ Shadow “The Less You Know The Better”


Joshua Paul Davis, better known by his stage name DJ Shadow, is an American DJ and music producer. Released by Verve Records on September 27th , 2011, ‘The Less You Know the Better’ is the fourth studio album by the … Continue reading

Top Story: Meet Graffiti Queen Stef 1


Graffiti is an important part of the five elements of hip hop culture. Many times it is often looked upon as a male dominated art form. But of course there are plenty of females representing as well and doing a … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Interviews DJ Soko

DJ Soko 2

What’s behind the name “Soko”? Nickname I got in high school. So=South Ko=Korea. I’m originally from South Korea.  What took you fromDetroit to Brooklyn? First and foremost, lemme start off by saying that I love Detroit. But, I left to … Continue reading

Week 3: The Dangerous Lee Diaries


1/16/12 – Had an interview on the Flint Underground podcast, picked up the finished video promo for The Dangerous Lee Experiment, and received the logo for Danger Babies. Great day! 1/17/12 – Made lots of important phone calls and spoke with … Continue reading

Vanilli Moving on Without Milli

Rob Morvan (right), the surviving member of Milli Vanilli, is making a comeback by working with hip hop DJ, The Alchemist. I still jam to their lip-synched hits! Click image for more details.

Erykah Badu Live – A Review

After being introduced, Erykah didn’t hit the stage until almost 20 minutes after her band played one of the longest intros in history to a song that I’m not sure I have ever heard before. I am a fan, but the Erykah Badu section of my music collection is lacking. Among the songs I did recognize were On and On, Next Lifetime, and Bag Lady. However, she did not perform her latest hit, Window Seat :(

The acoustics at Chene Park of Detroit are horrible. Most of the time I was not sure of exactly what Erykah was saying or singing, but she did manage to sound great!  She plays with the audience and even gave her hat to a fan that she seemed to recognize. In return she was given a hat by another fan which she wore until the end of the show but she did manage to return the hat to the fan.

There are no special effects, dancers, or an elaborate stage show during an Erykah Badu concert; it’s simply Erykah, the band, and the audience making funky music together.

Erykah received several roses from fans. Watch as she returns the favor!