Ways To Avoid People Catching You Listening To ‘Embarrassing’ Tunes

Ways To Avoid People Catching You Listening To ‘Embarrassing’ Tunes


We’ve all been there, you’ll have your iPod blasting out a tune, whether that be via a link to your car radio, your earphones while on the bus or maybe even at home via a dock when you’ve got your friends round…then suddenly…boom… a rather embarrassing and highly cheesy 90’s boy band tune comes on. Cue embarrassment all round.

Unfortunately, when using the shuffle or play all function of an iPod, this type of incident cannot be avoided – after all it must have been you who took the decision to load such tunes onto the device.

Here though, I look at ways in which you can hide your embarrassing taste of music, whether you’ve reached the stage of thinking “I have to sell my iPod Touch.” Or just to hide things from those prying eyes of people scrolling through your artist list.

On The Move

If you’ve had your embarrassing taste in music pointed out to you while on public transport, then the solution is relatively simple, new headphones. The stock ones provided by electronic companies are not always the best for your device. Looking around, you’ll be able to find far superior quality headphones out there that also block out sound either to or from the outside world.

Rocking Out

Simple signs might give you away if an embarrassing tune starts that you are trying to hide your enjoyment of, cracking a smile, breaking into song or exclaiming “I love this song.” Are all to be avoided if you’re aiming to avoid embarrassment. Much better to quickly reach for the skip button and make an excuse that you used to share the device with a younger sibling or your parents!

Go Incognito

Much like an Internet browser having a privacy function to hide certain ventures into the digital world, of course I am referring to hubby’s buying their better half’s flowers and such forth, you can also make your iPod more discreet. Whether you opt for renaming artists to other less embarrassing ones, or simply deleting any reference to a name entirely by clicking on the name on your device and taking the necessary extreme measure.

The Bottom Line

The truth is everyone has different tastes in music and you really shouldn’t be embarrassed by whatever your own personal taste is, after all variety is the spice of life.

Of course, if you go to sell an iPod Touch, your real concern, rather than people viewing your music taste, is ensuring you correctly back up the device prior to selling it, syncing it with iTunes and then deleting the content off the device itself. You don’t want to lose your music library.

This way it doesn’t matter what music you have, it will be safely stored on your computer and easily accessible via iTunes. Best of all after you sell your iPod Touch; the person who purchased it will be totally oblivious to your taste in music.

If you are not particularly tech savvy, you could even look to sell your iPod Touch to one of the various websites offering such a service, just make sure they say they will erase the data first.

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How to Save Money on Music

How to Save Money on Music

Buying music can be costly, unless you know some tricks for how to save! To many people’s surprise, you do not have to pirate music to find good deals on it. Below are some wonderful tips, so see which ones you can use and maybe even profit!

1. The Basics

First, download music, rather than buy the actual CD or album. Now is the age of the download. If you only are interested in a single track, why spend the money on an entire album? With MP3 players, you can save you entire collection in the palm of your hand. There is no need to buy entire albums or CDs anymore. This can definitely save you some cash, if you haven’t caught onto this already. If you need a CD for your car, simply burn one of the tracks you do like! It’s not hard or expensive to invest in the equipment to let you burn your own CDs from your downloaded media. This is really good advice, especially if you listen to a lot of music. The ability to download music and burn it for your own listening is legal now and is very economical. Just do not get into the idea of selling it, that is definitely NOT LEGAL. There is no need to pirate music when you can find it so cheaply.

2. Auctions
Make sure that you check for some harder to find items on the auction websites. If you are looking for a really hard to find title, then you should consider checking around the online auction websites. These are a great place to find vintage music and still save some money on it. It might even be worth your time to register as a buyer and seller, if you have a really large music collection. This is a way to unload some of your unwanted albums too. Shop around and compare pricing before purchasing anything. For some listeners, owning your favorite band on the actual CD is important to you. If you want the artwork or the liner notes, then you should definitely shop around online. There are many websites devoted to selling new and used music for discount prices. It is amazing how cheap even new CDs are selling for these days online (not in stores). Do this before buying anything in a retail shop that sells music in your city. Do not let yourself be ripped off by the big name retail chains. Buy smart and be a smarter consumer!

3. Resell

Remember that you can make money by reselling your own music online. Another way to get music cheaper is by reselling your unwanted used CDs for cash. Many websites will offer you cash or trade on your lightly used music CDs. This can then be used to buy or trade up for newer music. Most of my audiophilic friends do this to keep from paying for music. Yet they can always have the newest and coolest tracks to listen to legally!

Music is an ever expanding and wide ranging marketplace, but it can be very expensive to keep up with the times as a listener. By making use of these tips, your listening pleasure can be made all the cheaper. Music does not have to be pirated in order to be cost effective. It just takes using a little technical skill and savvy shopping tactics to be an audiophile yourself. Saving money on music media and other entertainment is a sure way to make your dollars go farther today.

Buying music can be costly, unless you know some tricks for how to save! To many people’s surprise, you do not have to pirate music to find good deals on it. Below are some wonderful tips, so see which ones you can use and maybe even profit!

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