Laura Govan, Basketball Wives L.A. cast member, often makes the statement that “White is right” in regards to dating men.

The first time she made the statement was when cast mate, Jackie Christie, mentioned that she was once married to a white man. Laura is the mother of four children (I think) and has only dated men of color without long term success, so now she feels that dating white men is the answer.

Is it?

I for one think that Black women and other women of color should keep their options open in regards to dating men and women of other ethnicities, but White is not right just because it’s White!

I cringe when I hear men or women make statements such as “I don’t date Black women (men).”

To me, that’s self hate in its rawest form.


Laura Govan


Jackie Christie

Look, we’ve all been hurt and we all tend to generalize Black men and Black women as being a certain way in relationships and in everyday life, but take it from someone that has a child by a White man; all White men don’t stick around to raise their kids and all White men are not good mates.

His or her lack of melanin and different culture do not mean that he or she is the perfect mate for you.

As people of color, we have got to stop believing and perpetuating all the negative stereotypes that have been placed upon us. Until you have dated a few White women or White men you will not know if they are right for you.

And, don’t give up on Black men or women or other people of color because you have had one or a few bad experiences. Most importantly, work on yourself as you may be the reason your relationships are not working.

Truth is, we’re all a lil’ fucked up!

Date and love whoever loves you back unconditionally.