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That time I tried to write a script about skin color

In 2006, I tried writing a script for the first time and the following is what I came up with: SKIN An original script by Dangerous Lee July 2006 Draft 1. BLACK SCREEN: Sound of baby crying. 2. INT: Hospital Delivery Room A beautiful black baby is born and crying. The doctor and nurses are … Continue reading

It’s Time To Embrace Your Cellulite!

Curves are something to celebrate. And having cellulite (as 85% of women do) doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel good about yourself and the way you look. Try some bottom pampering today. The word cellulite was first coined back in the seventies, but it’s no modern affliction. Just think of those Rubensesque beauties going about their … Continue reading

10 Top Winter Beauty Tips

Except for Christmas, reindeers and presents, cold weather also brings sullen skin, itchy scalp and other non-attractive things. Before panicking about your appearance, read a list of beauty tips that will make you shine this winter. 1) In winter we tend to feel less thirsty and often neglect drinking plenty of water. It is very … Continue reading

Say What! Bronzing Can Remove Cellulite?

I’m about to give you a beauty secret only known by the most experienced in the industry: cellulite looks less obvious on bronzed skin. So if you can’t beat it…hide it with a fake tan! There’s no denying it, a golden body is a great confidence booster. You tend to look longer, leaner, more toned … Continue reading

Fun Summer Makeup

Now that summer is here, you may be tired of wearing the same smoky eye makeup each and every day. It is time for you to switch it up and try something new. It is also time to break out a new color pallet and try wearing some new colors. Summer is the perfect season … Continue reading

5 Body Parts We All Neglect – But Really Shouldn’t

Image by AngryJulieMonday Sore feet. Cracked elbows. Painful underarm rashes. These are some of the areas you could be neglecting because, let’s face it, it’s just so much easier to carry on with life than take a minute to attend to them. That’s where I come in with some easy tips for sprucing, preening and … Continue reading

3 Natural Ways to Remove Blackheads

When it comes to skincare, blackheads are blemishes that are very difficult to remove. And if you have tried all the over-the-counter remedies but have not found any permanent success, the next step could be to tackle the problem with a more natural approach. What Causes Blackheads? A blackhead is also known as an open … Continue reading

Infographic: Acne Attack! – How To Treat And Cover Up Adult Acne

Dangerous Skin For Every Season

It’s no secret that as the weather changes, your wardrobe changes. Your skin needs change too.  Some people even find that they have a completely different skin type from season to season.  The winter and colder months bring with them dry and flaky tendencies, while summer is the bearer of oiliness that can wreak havoc … Continue reading

Practical Ways To Make Your Fake Tan Last

Apart from the money you spend on creams, lotions and gels, fake tan consumes plenty of time and energy to apply on your body. You also have to spend a good amount of time without clothes just to ensure that the tan has enough time to react with the amino acids on your skin so … Continue reading

4 Important Facts About Drinking Water And What It Does For Skin

Here are some facts about what drinking water actually does for skin. Read on and discover the power of water. Water makes you healthy. It comprises two thirds of your body and, would you believe, 70 % of your skin tissues. And, it’s a fact; without water, you’ll not last a week. It’s very interesting to … Continue reading

How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long

When you step out for the day, you are immediately slammed with a long to-do list. You do not have time to rush to the bathroom and reapply your makeup constantly throughout the day. Instead, you rely on what you put on in the morning to last you until you get home at night. To … Continue reading

Effective Beauty Uses for Lemon Juice

As a fruit, lemon might not be the most appetizing thing to eat, but it works great to enhance the flavor of our water or tea. It also has so many uses in cooking, that it’s a staple in many households, and you can always find a container of lemon juice or lemons waiting to … Continue reading

Girly Skin Care Tricks All Guys Should Try

Skin care is supposed to be associated with femininity, or at least, that’s how it’s portrayed. Men are expected to exfoliate with axel grease and WD-40, even if those aren’t the best cleansing products in the world. It doesn’t matter what you have between your legs – you could benefit from some of the “girly” … Continue reading


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