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Hair Chalk Is Here!

hair chalk

For those of you out there who truly appreciate how fun it is to experiment with your hair color, but for one reason or another you cannot enjoy the pleasurable experience of altering your appearance, especially when you need it to be in the least invasive way possible. For many of you, I assume it is job related, and yes rules are rules; there are workplaces who strictly prohibit any kind of unnatural looking hair color; that even applies to red coloring.However, there are products out there that allow for you to experiment with those fun hair colors you are seeing on the runways, in magazines, and on the streets… that won’t get you in trouble at work!

For those of you who are a little bit nervous about funky hair colors, this is especially right up your alley! It does not damage your hair, you aren’t risking dying your hair permanently, and best of all– you get to enjoy bright, summer ready hair.

A disclaimer, however; while many products do say semi-permanent, temporary, or any variation on those words, do still use with caution (especially you extreme blondes at there). When you use the hair chalk, it is staining your hair. If your hair is very porous and is known to absorb hair dye very easily, this will stain your hair more effectively than others who use it. It definitely won’t all stay in your hair when you wash it, but there is a chance that there will be a little bit left over, very faintly left over, but still. So plan accordingly.

Hair Chalk…Is It Actually Chalk?

Well, yes it is chalk. They are small squares of chalk that are meant only for your hair. It will stain your hands a little when you rub it on your hair; it washes right off though, so don’t worry! There are a few stores who are selling it (Free People, Urban Outfitters), and it actually comes in the form of a typical piece of chalk (smaller of course). You can purchase them in a whole array of awesome colors; Urban Outfitters even has a set that includes 28 colors!

How Does It Work?

It works best when your hair is damp, well more wet than damp. You take whatever strand it is you want to have color, and simply rub the piece of chalk on and through the strand. Your hair will suck the color right up! You can create whatever combination of color you want to, or do the trendy ombre style so many people are doing right now.  The best part is, it’s done in a snap, and you can style your hair as you normally would, just with an extra pop to it! If you straighten or curl your hair regularly, the color will stand out even more with the heat applied.

So get out there, experiment, have fun, and get funky fresh with your hair, with no worry.

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Rose is a fashion designer and a blogger who is experienced in fashion design. She is inspired by the latest collection of fashion wear at just fab clothing.

Hair Gets Hot: Fifty Shades Of Brunette, Blonde And Red


When it comes to altering your hair color, a change may be in the air. Whether you are using real hair wigs or your own hair, simply adding a twist to your natural color is not to be underestimated when it comes to creating a great look.

Brunettes Hit the Bottle

If you are a brunette it is time to hit the bottle, in both senses of the word. To make the most of brown locks, lightening and brightening hair does not need to be drastic. Instead, channel the shades associated with whiskey and cognac; this will add a sense of depth. As the colors are not flat, a sense of vitality should be maintained and hair will be looking shiny in no time. If you are planning to go a touch lighter and add some blonde locks to your overall style, there is a way to do this without bleach.

L’Oreal has launched a range of hair colors which are free of ammonia, meaning the product is a lot kinder to hair. For those wishing to avoid going lighter, there is another quick way to update hair, whether you are using your own locks or real hair wigs. Rather than thinking of alcohol, channel chocolate. Opt for a rich color reminiscent of cocoa, boosting with a rich conditioning or glossing treatment if it is needed. When it comes to updating brunette locks, you don’t have to take drastic action to get good results!

A Boost for Blondes

Similarly, those with blonde hair can add subtle hints to change their style. Rather than choosing futuristic colors, it could be time to think about adding an earthy quality to your hair. The trick is to choose shades that make hair appear equally luxurious and lived in. Therefore, avoid stark and crazy colors and instead select shades of honey and latte. If you are spoiled for choose and cannot settle on one particular color, bring out the holiday snaps and select a picture of yourself looking thoroughly relaxed and tanned.

Show this to your stylist and they can pick out a matching shade for you to sample. Some hairdressers are taking this to the next level. By simulating sunlight through using special lamps, different shades of blonde can be created. This makes it easier to both see the natural shade of the hair and try out different colors. For those feeling a little less brave, simply add a clear gloss to your locks. This is a quick and easy way of adding something extra to the hair, without going over the top.

Redhead Revival

For redheads, there are many routes to choose if a color change is on the cards. To update any look or style, opt for henna-inspired shades. This is best done by a professional hairdresser, as stylists can mimic the deep coppers and bronze shades fairly easily without causing damage to the hair. If this does not sound like your sort of thing, there is another way to achieve glowing locks. Instead, think about layering a range of shades. The first step is to add a permanent dye, perhaps in a natural red or a hint of copper. Then, select conditioning treatments and color glosses to enhance these colors, drawing out the separate hues and adding an overall gloss to the finishing look.

One technique to bear in mind is color-melt. This is where the crown of the head is separated into a shape resembling a star. By merging colors throughout sections of the hair, it limits the appearance of re-growth, melding all the tones and shades together. Whether you are using your own hair or real hair wigs, it could be time for a subtle, but entirely noticeable, color change.

Your author Emily Starr takes a special interest in the world of hairdressing.

Top Story – Tips For Going Gray In Style


Whether you’re just starting to see those first silver strands come in, or you’ve been hiding your true hair color for years, going gray can be a tricky situation. If you’re noticing more and more gray streaks in your hair, don’t panic! Gray hair can be sexy, and celebrities both young and old are beginning to sport gray and silver hair. With the following tips, you can pull off a flawless transition that will have heads turning everywhere you go.

Don’t Rush It

If dying your hair has become a chore, it may be a good time to start going au natural. But before you rush off to your stylist or open that last box of hair dye, consider taking it in phases. It can be a big shock to friends, family, and yourself to go completely gray over night. Try starting out with low lights and gradually let more gray show through. It might be best to leave this up to a professional. Alternatively, you can use a hair mascara to cover your roots until your hair grows out naturally.

Treat Your Hair Right

Treatment for gray hair is a little different than colored hair. For starters, it tends to be a bit drier than pigmented hair. In addition, you’ll have to watch out for yellowing. To avoid this, switch to shampoos that have bluing agents in them to counteract the yellow. If you notice that your hair is starting to turn blue or violet, just cut back a bit. You can also mix regular and blue shampoos together to get the right effect. To prevent dryness, avoid styling your hair with heat. Don’t forget to deep condition on a regular basis!


A Shorter ‘Do

Gray hair garners the same attention as platinum blonde locks, so if you’d rather not draw extra attention to yourself, opt for a shorter haircut, such as a pixie cut or one that falls just above the shoulders. Remember that if you do decide to wear gray hair long, it will require more care, reflects more light, and becomes the main focus of your appearance (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Bold Makeup and Clothes

Gray hair doesn’t mean shying away from bold makeup! The great thing about having gray hair is that it opens the door to new color statements that you might have considered “over the top” with colored hair. Not having enough color can make you look washed out when sporting gray hair, but a swipe of classic red lipstick provides the perfect balance. Brightly-colored clothing also makes an ideal contrast against gray hair, so don’t be afraid to play up the color.

Going gray can be a liberating experience. With a little planning and maintenance, you can have elegant silver tresses that add a natural touch of class to your look. There’s never been a better time to go gray, so what are you waiting for? Free yourself from constant hair dying, embrace your natural beauty, and show off your true colors!

This article was written by Kent, a freelance writer/fashionista who finds great hair solution advice from NuHart.


Top Story – Picking The Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone


Appearance is everything and people have always been careful about the image that they present before others. For example, it would be terrible to put on a sharp suit or an elegant dress only to spoil the outfit with something as simple as your shoes. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that you impress others with your image from your shoes to the color of your hair.

Even choosing the right hair color for your skin tone is important and in doing so, the following factors should be taken into consideration.

The Color of Your Skin 

This is the most important factor to consider when choosing the right hair color. There are some skin types that can fit comfortably with any hair color. A good example of such a skin type is pale skin. With pale skin, one can easily try any hair color on without appearing like they are out of place. On the other hand, if your skin is dark, then it would be appropriate to stick with hair colors that are dark in type.

Going for hair colors that are lighter than your skin tone may create a more artificial look.

The Clothes You Wear 

Although not as important as skin tone, the clothes you wear also have somewhat of a bearing on your hair color. For example, clothing that is red, orange or yellow always tone well with brown or dark hair colors. Such colors complement each other well and they create a feeling of excitement.

The Color of Your Eyes 

Your eye color also has a bearing on your hair color. By eye color, we mean the eye shadow you use on your eye area. Darker eye shadows go well with the darker hair colors, and brighter shadows tend to go better with lighter hair colors.

You may be hesitant in trying something new but this may be the beauty secret you’ve been looking for. So don’t be afraid of experimenting and trying out different hair colors as long as you keep these tips in mind and they conform to your skin tone.

This is actually a great way to start your journey of identifying the best hair color that matches your skin tone.

Worth Remembering

Give some thought to whether or not you actually need to dye your hair. Usually, your natural color will be perfectly matched to your skin anyway, such is the beauty of our DNA. At the same time, you will also have specific cosmetics that are better for your complexion, so there may be no reason to spend money on hair dye. We understand fully the reasons why you might want to use hair color, such as starting to gray or your hair losing some of its body and shine, but there is also an argument for seeing it as the last resort.

Whatever you decide, getting the right color for your hair will make a real difference to your look. Prevent yourself from ruining your look, and take your time to buy the right products for you.

Adam is a wedding photographer who is currently in the middle of planning his very own wedding. He just purchased his tungsten wedding ring, and now he is just days away from tying the knot. Although a soon to be newly-wed and photographer he is also an accountant. He enjoys writing and reading in his spare time.


Grey is the New Dangerous!

Grey hair on my head and grey hair in my pubes. I hate it! However, there is hope for me and those like me. It’s Betty dye for the “hair down there”. If you have a copy of my book, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down, you’re familiar with Betty hair dye thanks to the short story, Elderly and Edible. I’m not elderly, but I am edible ;)


Get Betty hair dye at The Dangerous Lee Mall!

Fall Hair Color Ideas

Are you someone who likes to switch your hair up? If you are, chances are that you are probably down for trying something new with the new season. Well, now that summer is fading away quickly, you may want to see your summer hair color going away right along with it. Maybe you went lighter for the summer, knowing that the sun would naturally lighten your hair anyhow. However now that fall is here, you want to stray away from your blonde and try something a bit more dark and dimensional. No problem. Here are some ideas.  

Making the Decision to go Dark

When you make the decision to go a bit darker, it does not mean that you have to go from platinum blonde to black all in one shot. If you want to go a bit darker with some warmth, why not try out a natural red with some highlights? If you choose a red like the color Emma Stone had, you could always add some strawberry colored highlights for added flattery. If you do go red, request that your eyebrows get some attention too. If you are someone who wants to go brown, you could always go for a medium brown with some highlights and lowlights. You will see that a nice brunette color with small streaks of a natural, dark red and a blonde looks really attractive in the fall. It’s something you can definitely try! However if you do want to go drastically dark, you could always settle for dark brown with natural chestnut and copper highlights. Additionally, if you are torn between black hair and blonde hair, you could always go for the now popular ombre look where you have dark roots that fade into a gorgeous blonde. It’s a win win!

Being a Blonde

Just because it is fall does not mean that you have to take your hair to a darker shade by any means. If you have blonde hair, you can add some dimensional highlights to liven it up. If you have a darker shade of blonde hair, you could add some caramel or tawny colored highlights. If you are someone with lighter blonde hair, you may want to consider some lowlights. Additionally, if your hair is an ash blonde color, some platinum highlights will make your hair look stunning! Give it a try!

Now that you have an idea about some of the most popular hair colors for the fall, you can decide what you want long before you head to the salon for a dye job. Going darker is one of the more popular choices for fall, but if you are in love with your blonde, you can always spruce it up a bit. The choice is essentially up to you. Go online and look at some of your favorite celebrities to see what they’re doing with their hair. You may find some ideas for your new fall hair do as well! Best of luck!

Author Byline: Jenna C. is a writer for AspiringNurse.com. If you are interested in nursing careers, take a look at this site: aspiringnurse.com/licensed-practical-nurse/online-lpn-programs

Photos Courtesy of - stylisheve.com


3 Age-Defying Hair Cuts

Some women embrace the lines on their face as telling their life story, and others couldn’t be prouder when they gain their first grey hair! However, let’s face it, tell-tale signs of ageing aren’t so warmly welcomed by the majority of women.

If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, then look no further! Here we’ve compiled three of the best age-defying haircuts ready for you to take to the salon and try.


Add Bangs

A common place that women first begin to get lines on their face is their forehead, and if you have straight hair parted down the middle there’s no way of covering this up, so this is a great trick to help you look younger and cover up those unwanted lines in an instant – no botox required!

Most people believe that bangs only suit younger women with long hair and big eyes, but why shouldn’t bangs suit an older woman?

There are many different styles of bangs nowadays, so take a trip to your local hair stylist and ask which they think would suit you. My favorite is a straight bang cut into a hard even line just above the eyes, or softer sweeping bangs that falls to one side.


For women living some decades ago, when they reached a certain age it was customary to have all of their luscious long locks cut into a shorter style, and it was almost unheard of for an older woman to keep her long hair. As we age, hair thins and this is all the more visible on longer hair.

However, by layering the hair you can make your face look years younger and keep your beautiful mane.

Most women with long hair will just pull it into a ponytail for day to day activities and don’t bother with regular trims or styling, meaning the hair is left to grow at its own rate. This tends to end with women having long hair all cut to one length, which isn’t a problem until they start getting lines on their face – this style is flat and limp, highlighting the worst features of your face.

A simple way to salvage this without losing your length is to have some face framing layers cut into that lovely long hair. This will take weight off the main part of the hair, stopping it from ‘dragging down’ the face, and will emphasize other features such as big eyes. With layers, longer hair also moves more freely and will bounce around for a gorgeous, youthful look!


Image Source

A Short Bob

A simply hairstyle that suits almost every face is a bob, and there are so many different kinds of bobs out there now that you can choose the style you think would suit you best.

A short bob can hide thinning of the hair as it is usually cut into layers, especially an inverted bob that adds volume to the back and frames the face at the front. A longer bob can look lifeless, but just buy a curling wand to add some loose, sexy waves!

Having a lightweight hairstyle rather than heavy, long hair will stop the hair from pulling your face down, and will seem so much lighter that you might just feel younger on the inside too!

What’s your favorite hair styling trick to take the years off?

About The Author: Michelle Star is a fashion and beauty blogger, currently on a mission to try every shampoo in existence on a search for the best one out there – she’ll let you know when she finds it!

Picking the Perfect Hair Color

Your hair color can literally transform the way you look, emphasizing facial features you may have never noticed. You could go from soccer mom to sex kitten with one simple dye session. All you need to do is pick a good hair color for your skin, eyes, age, nationality, lifestyle, and everything else along those lines. Here are some tips to help you decide which color is right for you.

Eye Color vs. Hair Color

You can really make your eye color stand out by selecting the right hair color. Blue eyes historically pair well with blonde hair, but they can also look great with dark brown or black hair. Green and hazel eyes work well with brown or dark red hair, and brown eyes work with any brown or black hair color. Visit a salon and hold up samples of dyed hair to your eyes. Then you can see which color brings out your eyes the best.

Skin vs. Hair Color

You need to pick a hair color that looks right for your skin. For instance, you might look weird with sandy blond hair if you have an Asian complexion. That is because the blonde will pull out the green undertones of your skin and make you look icky and ill. If you have fair skin, avoid extremely dark hair colors. That may make you look paler than you already are. If you have dark skin, avoid dying your hair the same color as the skin or something that is extremely light in comparison. The only exception to this is for people aiming for a “beach bunny” look. You can go platinum blonde at that point.

Age vs. Hair Color

Your hair color needs to be appropriate for your age. We’ve all seen those crazy 90 year olds that have crayon red hair. Do you really want to be that? You can get something that covers the greys, but don’t use a funky hair color to make you look younger. That will actually work in the opposite way and show that you are just trying too hard.

Lifestyle vs. Hair Color

Finally, you need to think about your overall lifestyle when selecting a hair color. You might get away with hot pink hair if you’re a tattoo artist, but that look may not work for a personal injury lawyer. Make sure that your hair color suits your job and hobbies, which may actually mean that you need to spruce it up a bit. Whether you make the color bold and daring or subtle and complementary, it will help you fit in better with the real world.

Use the tips above to pick the perfect hair color for you, and you will look your best in no time at all.


About the Author: Cassandra is an office manager, fashion guru, college student, and single mom all rolled into one. She spends a lot of time applying for no essay scholarships to help her pay for her education. 

Infographic: Women of War

Today’s women who have the desire to participate in a war effort have options available to them that don’t involve becoming a brassy-haired pin-up girl wearing a marginal amount of clothing. Neither are they obligated to prove their patriotism by serving as sex slaves to Japanese soldiers, like thousands of brave women did in World War II. Women are no longer expected to work at low paying jobs in munitions factories only to be fired to make room for male employees at the end of the war.

Women are joining the Armed Forces in record numbers these days, and they’re allowed to retain their natural hair color and dress just as drably as their male counterparts. They work as intelligence officers, members of the military. Job satisfaction levels of women in the military are higher than that of the men they serve alongside; they are much less likely to kill themselves during the time they are enlisted.

From: MilitaryDegreePrograms


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