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Hair Chalk Is Here!

For those of you out there who truly appreciate how fun it is to experiment with your hair color, but for one reason or another you cannot enjoy the pleasurable experience of altering your appearance, especially when you need it to be in the least invasive way possible. For many of you, I assume it … Continue reading

Hair Gets Hot: Fifty Shades Of Brunette, Blonde And Red

When it comes to altering your hair color, a change may be in the air. Whether you are using real hair wigs or your own hair, simply adding a twist to your natural color is not to be underestimated when it comes to creating a great look. Brunettes Hit the Bottle If you are a … Continue reading

Top Story – Tips For Going Gray In Style

Whether you’re just starting to see those first silver strands come in, or you’ve been hiding your true hair color for years, going gray can be a tricky situation. If you’re noticing more and more gray streaks in your hair, don’t panic! Gray hair can be sexy, and celebrities both young and old are beginning … Continue reading

Top Story – Picking The Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Appearance is everything and people have always been careful about the image that they present before others. For example, it would be terrible to put on a sharp suit or an elegant dress only to spoil the outfit with something as simple as your shoes. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that … Continue reading

Grey is the New Dangerous!

Grey hair on my head and grey hair in my pubes. I hate it! However, there is hope for me and those like me. It’s Betty dye for the “hair down there”. If you have a copy of my book, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down, you’re familiar with Betty hair dye thanks … Continue reading

Fall Hair Color Ideas

Are you someone who likes to switch your hair up? If you are, chances are that you are probably down for trying something new with the new season. Well, now that summer is fading away quickly, you may want to see your summer hair color going away right along with it. Maybe you went lighter … Continue reading

3 Age-Defying Hair Cuts

Some women embrace the lines on their face as telling their life story, and others couldn’t be prouder when they gain their first grey hair! However, let’s face it, tell-tale signs of ageing aren’t so warmly welcomed by the majority of women. If you’ve found yourself in this predicament, then look no further! Here we’ve … Continue reading

Picking the Perfect Hair Color

Your hair color can literally transform the way you look, emphasizing facial features you may have never noticed. You could go from soccer mom to sex kitten with one simple dye session. All you need to do is pick a good hair color for your skin, eyes, age, nationality, lifestyle, and everything else along those … Continue reading

Infographic: Women of War

Today’s women who have the desire to participate in a war effort have options available to them that don’t involve becoming a brassy-haired pin-up girl wearing a marginal amount of clothing. Neither are they obligated to prove their patriotism by serving as sex slaves to Japanese soldiers, like thousands of brave women did in World … Continue reading


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