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5 Fantabulous Things You Need To Learn How To Do In Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a program that is willing to be just as complex and advanced as you want it to be. Newcomers are able to quickly and easily touch-up, delete red eye, and add glowing light-sabers to any photo they choose—and all without breaking a (virtual) sweat. But the more you learn about the photo … Continue reading

Jane Fiala: Painting the Photo

“I tend to try to complete a painting all in one day, working until it’s completed. Sometimes I have to close down and finish the next day, but typically I will work all day to complete a painting. I’m fairly compulsive this way.” Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Lives a Purple Life

I love purple, so when I saw that MAC had a limited edition color called “All of My Purple Life”, other than thinking about Prince, I wanted to rock the color on my full lips! You like? Sorry, ladies! This color is sold out! Check out the creator:


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