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Writers Needed: How to Successfully Guest Blog (FREE eBook)


Every blogger wishes for a bigger audience; often the roadblock to achieving it is simply a matter of lack of know-how. When your passion lies in writing and not marketing, it’s necessary to think outside of the box when gauging how best to increase your readership.

Enter guest blogging. Free of charge and potentially highly effective, the act of writing an article for another, higher profile blog can help lead you to the wider audience you crave. Follow these steps to turn your guest blogging experience into a worthwhile endeavor that pays dividends:

1. Write for your readers

Bloggers often get into the habit of writing not only for their readers but for search engines as well, worrying not only about putting their best work out but also about secondary concerns like keyword density. When guest blogging, your only concern should be your shiny new audience; for this article, at least, you are writing each and every word for human eyes and minds.

2. Write what you know

While it’s necessary to work your way into unfamiliar territory as a writer in order to expand your horizons and increase your number of potential future topics, this is not that time. Focus your guest blog article on a subject you know well and have experience writing about and save experimentation for another day.

3. It isn’t over until it’s over

Your guest blogging experience does not end once your work has been published; on the contrary, that is just the beginning. The key now is to use the boost in traffic and exposure, leveraging it into more loyal subscribers and more opportunity for growth!

To learn more on how to succeed with guest blogging, download the free eBook.

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Advice For Emerging Models


Have you ever dreamed of being a model?  Join the club. There’s a lot of competition out there, and it is fierce. Barter and pretty pictures online, a model does not make.  It just makes you a pretty person who likes getting pretty pictures.

Here are some tips, if you want to start a career in the field and actually make a living.

Unless you like the photographer enough to pay cash for his/her pictures, stop doing TFP/TFCD.  Most agencies will be happy with candid digital photos if you are a beginner, so doing trade for prints isn’t all that necessary.

Your headshots should clearly shows your face with minimal fresh-face makeup. Full body shots should display your clothed figure, in a tasteful manner. All photos should be up to date and display only you. Modeling photos are not for showing off your friends or sweethearts.

Please stop working for free in order to get “exposure” that you don’t really want (such as pornographic gigs,) or “charity” unless you actually believe in the cause. If you are starting out and need exposure, work for low pay or, even tips instead. But please, don’t do this forever.  Otherwise, you’re just falling into traps that depress your true market value, and allow unscrupulous people to take advantage of you.

Good entry-level jobs for models include in-store demonstrations and promotional events. If you want to move up the career ladder, always be punctual, be neat in your appearance, work on your customer service skills and don’t be afraid to network when it is appropriate to do so.


I used to get ridiculed by a lot of models and photographers for regularly taking on substitute model gigs, working with aspiring photographers who were promising but had less than stellar skills, and taking on non-traditional opportunities that interested me.

However, because these types of clients were willing pay my full day rates, follow my rules and successfully pass screening, I provided them with the best service I could give.

As a result, I developed a reputation for being reliable and interesting.

Since I chose to prioritize keeping busy over vanity, I was able to make a living at modeling with no trouble at all.

Too many models are obsessed with their vanity at the expense of making any profits.  They pretty much screw the rest of us out of a living.  Such arrogance is why the pay has dropped across the board in this industry. I am not alone in this observation either.  Many veteran models outside of the Internet complain of the very same thing.  Models aren’t the only ones that get hurt by the “lowest price is king” mentality either.  Profits for photographers, makeup artists, assistants and other staff get hurt too.

Models get paid to do their job, which is to get attention.  Pretty girls get attention for the sake of getting attention.  If you’re a quality model who wants to succeed, then start acting like one.  A shrewd and business-like attitude is what will ultimately determine how well you do in the field.

Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz is a retired model and performer based out of Rice, MN.

Check out Vas’s comic art and textile designs at vaslittlecrow.com


Free Song Download: Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down

pantiesupthemesongListen to the track and download here if you want to jam to it over and over. Please spread the word and the message. Thanks!

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Stan Simmons Image of Dangerous Lee to Appear at GFAC

See this image in person February 12th at the Greater Flint Arts Council located at 816 S. Saginaw St. in Flint, MI.   Reception will be from 6 to 9 PM. There will be catered food, drink, live music, and great art all for free!

Dangerous Lee will be in attendance. Call 810-238-ARTS for more information.

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February Charity of the Month – Yele Haiti

Yéle Haiti is a foundation started by Grammy-Award winning musician, producer and social entrepreneur Wyclef Jean that is changing lives in this desperately poor but optimistic nation.

Through Yéle Haiti, Wyclef uses music, sports and the media to reinforce projects that are making a difference in education, health, environment and community development. In practical terms this translates to over 3,000 new jobs, close to 7,000 children being put in school, more than 8,000 people a month receiving food and approximately 2,000 young people a month learning about HIV/AIDS prevention.

Please click on the Social Vibe link in the right menu of this website to donate to Yele Haiti for FREE.


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