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Dangerous Lee Interviews The Next Best Thing in Hip-Hop – Tony K

Tell me about your project dropping on November 19th? It is an all original mixtape titled YNOT, many of the songs speak about issues that I deal with in my life and the way I view the world like in my song “It’s All The Same” I speak about trying to escape out of a … Continue reading

Notable Sober Celebrity Stories

Famous people rule our country. We look to celebrities for what to wear, what cars to drive, and where to be seen, among other things, so let’s also look at people in the public eye who have worked hard to stop using drugs and alcohol and are recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism. Notable sober … Continue reading

Top 5 Controversial Lyrics Of All Time

In this day and age, recording artists often believe that they have a license to say and do whatever they want. If we look back in time, it is safe to say that the music industry has been filled with controversial lyrics that have caused massive public backlashes. In this article I will be discussing … Continue reading

Top Story – Things Celebrities Do Before They Go To Sleep

Numerous interviews attempt to strip away the glitz and glamour of the rich and famous in an attempt to portray them as normal. In this fashion, fans can see stars for who they really are, and get a little closer to them via professed intimate details. One of these categories that come up from time … Continue reading

7 Songs To Get You Pumped Up!

It’s truly amazing the effect that listening to music can have on a person’s mood. People usually choose to listen to music for two reasons. Either they pick are genre of music that matches their current mood or they choose a genre of music that will change their mood. This article contains a list of … Continue reading

Vanilli Moving on Without Milli

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised or Tweeted

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know as much about poet and songwriter, Gil Scott-Heron, as many others did as they talked about his recent passing, but as I read the comments about his work and how everyone was affected by it, I was able to experience how important he was … Continue reading


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