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Top Story: 3 Places To Find Free Books Online

Are you keen on reading, but have neither time to attend a public library nor resources to buy every book you would like to read? There is a great way out for you! Online libraries and various online resources that offer miscellaneous literature of every genre and every field of human’s activity will be of great help. A lot of well-known books have an expired copyright. They are digitized i.e. turned into digital media equivalents and are called e-books. The latter are now available in an electronic format for download free-of-charge and are meant exclusively for one’s personal enjoyment only. Here are three places on the Internet where you can find any books online for free.


1. FreeBooksBay

FreeBooksBay is a helpful search engine that doesn’t store any e-book files on its server. It finds the necessary book at other sites. Just enter the author’s name and/or the title into the Search and instantly get the list of hits from other sites. Select the site you prefer and get the PDF file ready for your download. There are also sections Popular eBooks, and Now looking. Registration is not required.

2. PDFbooks

This site is a public library that provides about 4,700 downloadable e-books. It has two sections: Open Literature and Unpublished Work. Open Literature Section provides you with the search either by the author or by the title. Unpublished Work Section is for evolving writers to have a chance to expose their work. You can succor them with your friendly comments. In this section there is a list of titles and authors. Registration is not necessary. You can download the needed book in two formats: PDF document and mobile PDF document. Each book receives the user rating. You can also post your own evaluation. On Home page there are random articles and highest rated content to save your time if you are not looking for a particular book. There are also links to AdvancedWriters and Writeforce which are professional custom writing services.

3. Witguides

This is an online library offering a wide range of completely free e-books. You do not need to register. Each PDF book submitted to to the library is tested for spam and viruses. You can search for the book you need with the help of either a common search browser or in 12 categories: Arts and Humanities, Games and Fun, Internet and Computers, Religion and Culture, Business, Health, Novels and Stories, Sports, Education, House and Garden, Pets and Animals, World and Travel. There is a Popular e-books section with the number of downloads and a New e-books section according to the most recent date. Books are available in the PDF and zipped formats.

There are many more other sites offering free and partially free e-books. There are sites with fiction, specialized literature and those where you can read and download magazines. You can also submit your own e-books to some resources. Some online libraries require registration, others – don’t. Usually registration is free.

Thanks for reading this article. My name is Robert. I’m a blogger, bookworm and traveler. With my website YourTechLib.com I’m trying to cover the most interesting technology-related news. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via my social accounts.

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3 Great Ways For Men To Chill Out!

It’s alright for women isn’t it?! If they want to relax they have plenty of options – from pampering spa days to a girlie night with their friends. For men it can be a little harder to get that much-needed time out, but you deserve it, so it’s time to prioritize some ‘you time’. Life’s stresses and strains can get on top of you and you may feel like you are constantly racing from one thing to another, but unless you make time for yourself, you are at risk from all sorts of stress-related health hazards. Here are some great ideas for how to wind down:

Go Fishing

Fishing is the kind of sport that doesn’t need much physical energy. All you need is some basic kit such as a rod, line, bait and a tackle box and you’re good to go. Some of your friends may be into fishing too, and they may like to come along with you. Night fishing must be the most relaxing of all – sitting calmly with your rod underneath the stars while everybody sleeps is so calming. Crack open a beer, put your feet up and wait for the bites! If you really mean business, then set up a tent so that you have a place to snooze when you’re done. You and your mates could even make a weekend of it. Fishing is a lovely thing to do on your own, or with friends, and it is great for silencing your mind, gathering your thoughts and letting you wind down. The catching of the fish is secondary!


If you are wound up and you need to release some stress then there’s no better way than zooming around a karting track! A little bit of speed and adrenaline is all most men need to feel better – anything that puts you out of your comfort zone is bound to be a boost. There will be plenty of tracks near to you so call some mates, get a team together and go karting – and make sure you follow it up with a few pints afterwards to wind down.


Reading is a simple pleasure but it’s one of those things that most of us don’t have enough time in our day for. If you can make the time, you will feel loads better for an hour’s reading a day. Choose books that interest you, ones that you have always wanted to read and ones that will challenge your mind in some way. If you have an eBook reader then that’s even better – you can read on the train, in bed…wherever you like. If books aren’t your thing then even sitting down with the newspaper can be enough to help you chill out.

It’s really important for everybody to make time in their day to unwind, de-stress and take the load off. There will always be a million and one things that need doing, but they can wait for a while surely? Give yourself a break and do something relaxing and you’ll go back to your jobs with renewed vigor.


Today’s feature writer, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger who has written a number of interesting fishing articles for premiumfishing.com.au. She suggests that fishing is the best and most peaceful way to spend a weekend. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.


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Why Books Will Always Be Better Than Kindles

Image by: Ian Wilson

It’s impossible to keep up with technology. Every month, ever week, practically every day ushers in a new gizmo or gadget that immediately makes last week’s innovation dated and passé. The goal posts are always moving.

But surely there has to a line that’s drawn when technology goes too far –  a point when it tries to supercede everything before it that it becomes irrelevant, pointless and unnecessary. Should technology try to go one better just because it can?

The kindle is a perfect example. Books have existed for hundreds of years and done very well, thank you. If you want the latest Stephen King or a back-issue of Bukowski all you have to do is pop to your nearest bookshop and the tome of choice is yours.

Not anymore. Now you can use the miracles of modern technology to read from a book that really isn’t a book. You can recreate the experience of reading a book without actually picking one up. Which, to my mind, begs the question – why bother? Why not stick to the real thing?

It’s not that I’m a technophobe or Luddite; it’s just that technology should have a place, a purpose, a function, but Kindle’s are trying to reinvent the wheel.

It’s  A Physical Thing

You just can’t beat the physical sensation of reading a paperback. Holding it, flicking through it, the physical manifestation of the pages and the smell of the ink. And I used the word sensation deliberately – to me it is a sensual experience. The pleasure of the pages in your hand.


For many people books have a long association with memory. A book you read when you were young, when you broke up, when you made up, when you were going through a good time or bad time, when you were on a particular holiday. Whatever the connection, a book can be a very personal, private, emotional thing. It’s not just an object; it’s a window to the past, a physical link to times, places and circumstances.

Personal Touch

Despite the proliferation of technological advances, the cumulative effect seems to be that it increasingly detracts for a more intimate, personal experience. Holding a piece of plastic can never compete to holding a book. A piece of plastic is so cold, detached and impersonal; a book is none of those things.

A Book Doesn’t Need a Battery

The latest Jilly Cooper won’t require four AA batteries no matter how many times you read it. So Kindles brag about one month battery life. So what? A physical book will last a lifetime without ever needing a charger.

Bookshelf Aesthetics

No matter how much the advertisers boast about how many hundreds or thousands of books a Kindle can hold, there is nothing that can replicate the look, the feel, the comforting warmth a good bookshelf can evoke. A bookshelf is a representation of a personal reading history, a reminder of recollections, of moments, of years.

Not An Authentic Experience  

Consider the following, designed by advertisers to tantalize you in to buying one: the screens “look and read just like real paper” and “have no glare”, it replicates the “characteristics of ink to appear clear and sharp”, “15% faster page turns”, and – perhaps most ridiculously of all – “you can read in any position”.  It all begs the question: why not get the real thing? Books give you all those things as an authentic experience, not a technological, gimmicky one.

To me, it doesn’t matter how they try and sell it in any commercial, lights, bells, whistles and any amount of techno-hyperbole, there’s nothing more reassuring and comforting than a paperback.

Do you think that Kindles are the future of reading or a passing fad? 


Author Byline: Gavin Harvey is a self-confessed fitness fanatic whose serious case of itchy feet has taken him all over the world. Now he prefers a quieter life watching classic movies and reading a good book. He blogs regularly for Litecraft Commercial.

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