Top Story: 15 Worst Gifts To Give A Woman During The Holidays

bad christmas gift

Over the years men have been courting women, celebrating special occasions, and righting wrongs with gifts. With the holiday season coming up in the next few months, you may already be thinking about what to get that special lady. If … Continue reading

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10 Convincing Arguments For Hot Cocoa Drinkers


In today’s culture, there seems to be an expected progression between hot beverages as one matures. A person drinks hot chocolate when they’re young, and then move on to coffee and tea. Some consider it childish to drink cocoa as … Continue reading

Top Story: How To Bake For Your Man


We’ve all heard that the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Whether that’s true for all men or not, wowing him with your baking skills probably won’t hurt. Once he tastes whatever sweet thing it is … Continue reading

Chocolate Linked To Enhanced Brain Performance


Chocolate is a product of cocoa tree beans and it is a good source of the naturally occurring antioxidant elements called flavonoids. Flavonols are the main kind of flavonoids found in chocolate, and they are responsible for a number of … Continue reading