365 Days of Dangermas: Day 7

Day 7: January 7, 2013 We love Dove chocolate in my house and think it’s the best! This piece is going in the Dangermas tree, but it may not be there for long! If you’d like to donate items to the Dangermas tree, please view our wishlist for ideas, or you can send ornaments or […]

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Good Mood Foods

Most people think they have to take drastic measures to conquer depression … taking medication, seeing a therapist or other options that may be expensive or difficult. Those things may help, but you can also improve a dour mood with certain minerals and vitamins found in common foods. Increasing your intake of these foods may […]

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4 Foods That Boost Your Mood

It’s mid-afternoon and you’re tired with far too much work to do, or maybe you’re just hungry and need a boost. With these four foods, you’ll leave your kitchen happier, refreshed, and reenergized. cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by thebittenword.com Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a comfort food, it is easy to digest and […]

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