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Top Story: 15 Worst Gifts To Give A Woman During The Holidays

bad christmas gift

Over the years men have been courting women, celebrating special occasions, and righting wrongs with gifts. With the holiday season coming up in the next few months, you may already be thinking about what to get that special lady. If you want to celebrate the special woman in your life, here is a list of fifteen gifts to never give her for the holidays.

  1. Candy is a great additional gift or a gift on Valentine’s Day. A major holiday or anniversary should be celebrating with something that shows how much you care, with maybe a side of chocolate.
  2. Perfume is only a good gift if she specifically asked for her favorite type. If you take it upon yourself to buy a scent at the fragrance aisle you are risking her hating the scent or being allergic to it.
  3. Cash is probably the most unthoughtful gift you can give. A gift card to her favorite store with the promise to go shopping with her to pick out something nice is going to go a lot further than just pulling money out of your wallet and saying you forgot that the day existed.
  4. A framed picture of yourself is self-absorbed and can easily be replaced with a picture of the two of you which will show her that you really care.
  5. Last year’s gift went over well, but if you give it to her two years in a row she may think that you are too lazy to think of a gift idea, or that she is unworthy of something new. If she liked the dinner at that Italian Restaurant last year try making one of her favorite Italian dishes and treating her to a massage this year.
  6. Flowers, like candy, are not long lasting or as thoughtful as a gift that you put thought into. Save that for date night or a day you want to cheer her up.
  7. Alcohol is another gift that doesn’t last. However, if you combine her favorite wine, flowers, a box of chocolates, and a home cooked meal you will definitely show how much you pay attention to what she likes. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy these things with her!
  8. Cosmetics are a gift like perfume that have too many variables. You may get a product she hates, is allergic to, or will cause offense. It is best to let her pick those items out herself.
  9. Novelty items without a significant meaning behind them are not a great gift idea. No one needs a hula dancer on their dash board. Unless you want the memories of this holiday to be bitter, stay away from anything that sings, shakes, wiggles, or has beady eyes.
  10. Tickets to a sporting event – unless this is something you two have talked about doing before and she loves the sport as much as you – is going to seem like a gift for yourself. Find out an event or concert that she would enjoy and go with her to that instead. Maybe she’s always wanted to go to the zoo and you love monkeys; now you have a picture you can put in that frame next year.
  11. A gift for yourself, like the newest gaming system that she may use once, is not a gift for her. She will resent you and this gift so just buy yourself the system next week and splurge on her today.
  12. A gym membership may be something that she talks about all of the time, but if you buy it for her she may think you are commenting on her weight. Don’t buy her anything that can send the message that you don’t like exactly who she is.
  13. Clothes are something that she has to buy herself. The issues of size, style, and cost are all easily misinterpreted and you are safer with that purse she has been talking about for months or jewelry.
  14. Any item that you cannot exchange can always be a bad idea. If she hates an item and is stuck with it you wasted time and money and she is upset. This is not what you intended, so play it safe and get that gift receipt.
  15. Appliances are one of the gifts heard as office jokes the most. Someone’s boss buys his wife a toaster for Christmas and next year he is sleeping on the couch. The implication being that a woman should be in the kitchen. Unless a woman asks for a specific appliance, it is best to just stay clear of this whole area.

These 15 gifts may be what the special woman in your life specifically asked for, but if not, please do not make the mistake of getting a gift that will end in tears. Put thought into a gift and purchase something that will last her as long as the memories that are made. You will be equally as happy in the long run.

Today, guest author Mark Reynolds is writing from first-hand experience! It seems he has committed every dating faux pas possible. As they say, those who can’t do – teach.  So, Mark now shares his advice online.  Usually, he is contributing to Do Girls Like Shy Guys?  He writes about everything from how to ask a girl out to meeting the parents.

Top Story: How To Bake For Your Man


We’ve all heard that the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Whether that’s true for all men or not, wowing him with your baking skills probably won’t hurt. Once he tastes whatever sweet thing it is that you’ve made for him, he might think it’s sweet of you to go through all that trouble for him (even if the recipe was easy). Plus, if you can make him a recipe that’s got an aphrodisiac in it, he’ll be feeling…well…extra happy. Lucky for you, there are some tried-and-true man-happy recipes out there, ranging from easy to a bit more advanced. Here are 5 recipes that are sure to get you to your man’s heart through his stomach.

Chubby Hubby Bars

There’s a reason why these are called chubby hubby. Actually, there are a couple reasons. These are named after the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, which was quite possibly named “chubby hubby” because it’ll make you and your hubby chubby if you eat too much (don’t quote me on that). At any rate, these bars will be some of the most amazingly orgasmic bars you’ve ever tasted. Full of chocolate, peanut butter cups, caramel, and pretzels, these will have both you and your hubby weak in the knees. There are several different ways of going about making them, but this recipe seems to have hit the mother load. Check it out over at Cookies and Cups.

Monster Cookies

These cookies are meant to be big. Big, thick, and man-sized. They’re a combination of all the best ingredients that you can put in cookies: peanut butter, oats, chocolate chips, and M&Ms. The best part is, they’re customizable! Is your man wild for Resse’s Pieces? Use them in place of the M&Ms. Or heck, use them both! Just take out half of the M&Ms to make way for the Pieces. Or, if he’s a white chocolate fiend, take out the semi sweet chocolate chips and use white instead. When you’ve tailored these gooey cookies to your man’s preferences, he’s certain to get weak in the knees at first taste. There are many, many variations to this recipe, but Sally’s Baking Addiction has a fantastic one.

Chocolate Better Than Sex Cake

OK, this one’s obvious. Not only is this cake wicked easy (it uses boxed cake mix), but it also gives you an opportunity to test out (after you’ve served it) whether or not it lives up to its name. Layered with chocolate, dripping with caramel, and topped with whipped cream, this cake is the definition of decadence. You can tailor this one to a man’s tastes, too! Is he ice cream crazy? Put a scoop on top. Is he a Butterfinger fanatic? Use that on top instead of Heath. Does he jump for butterscotch? Use butterscotch topping instead of caramel. Anything’s possible! Note: This cake is best when eaten in bed. But I can’t promise you’ll finish your slice before distraction sets in. This girl tamed down the name of her cake, but it’s still the real thing. She’s got variations, too: Oreo, Butterfinger, and s’mores.

Maple Bacon Donuts

Yes, I did just say “donut” and “bacon” in the same title. This dessert is the ultimate union of sweet and salty, and we all know that most men are coo-coo for bacon. There are a variety of ways to make these, some being harder than others. Yes, you can bake the donuts instead of frying them. You can use bacon fat in the dough, if you have some laying around, like in this recipe. If you don’t, it would be acceptable to make plain donut dough and just add the bacon on top. Either way, the bacon flavor is going to be fantastic. However you decide to go about making them, your targeted male will have no problem savoring them (or scarfing them, of course).

Stout Cupcakes

Booze + sweets = winning combination. It’s no secret that lots of dudes like beer. Whether they’re connoisseurs of all kinds or tend to stick to the light stuff, adding stout to cupcakes will give them a distinct yet chocolatey beer flavor. To take it over the top, add broken chocolate covered pretzels. It’ll be like your man is at his favorite bar, enjoying beer, chocolate, and pretzels. The explosion of flavor in his mouth will undoubtedly greatly impress him, and you’ll be on his really good side. Plus, putting these in cupcake form makes them especially fun to eat. So crack open a cold one, bake, and enjoy! Head over to My Baking Addiction for the recipe.


Joli is an avid baker who often bakes for her fiancé. His favorite treats are brownies and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Once in a while, she needs baking help, especially with breads. She heads over to becomeabetterbaker.com for all her baking tip and technique needs.


Top 5 Health Benefits Of Candy


Candy has been deemed a bad thing by many people, as it will rot your teeth and add unnecessary calories to your diet. This is more or less true, but that doesn’t mean candy is completely bad for you. There are surprisingly quite a few health benefits of candy, so before you pass up on candy because of all the negativity you hear about it, consider the positives of candy. Not everything that tastes delicious is bad for you, and surprisingly enough candy is one of them. The following are five health benefits of eating candy:

  • Eat candy; live longer

There’s something special about candy that will actually extend your life. There was a comprehensive study that came from the Harvard School of Public Health, revealing that people who eat candy will live longer than people who don’t eat candy. Of course, the candy consumption has to be moderate, as with almost everything in life. That will mean taking candy for about one to three times every month; however, even those eating candy daily were reported to live longer than those who did not take candy at all.

  • Candy can ignite/restore will power

If you’re facing a difficult task or will be facing a difficult task fairly soon, it would be beneficial to eat some candy. Candy is practically a shot of sugar, and it will make people persevere for much longer than they normally could. In addition, it will also help you become more focused in your goal at hand. Just a few pieces of candy before you take on a significant project will help you do it. Regardless of what you may think, a little candy can go a long way.

  • Chewing gum can improve your mental health

Chewing any type of gum will positively influence your mental health. The gum has the ability to improve your mood, heighten your mental focus, decrease your stress level, and even block a pain you may be having. In addition, chewing gum can increase your serotonin levels as well. Michael Jordan chewed gum all those years in Chicago; it might have been the gum.

  • Chocolate could be a factor in decreasing cardiovascular disease

There are many health benefits to chocolate out there, some true and some not so true. However, there is some research out there that shows that anyone who eats chocolate five or more times a week is 60% less likely to be susceptible to heart disease. It may be the chocolate itself or it may be what the chocolate made them feel: happy. So, eating chocolate every once and a while can actually be very good for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Cotton candy can help in making new blood vessels

Many people will assume that cotton candy is horrible for their health. However, according to Cornell University, cotton candy can actually be melted down to make artificial blood vessels. Yes, it’s kind of a stretch because eating cotton candy may still be bad for you, but it is something that contributes to someone’s health out there in a positive manner.

There you have it, five ways candy may benefit your health. Some of the ways are pretty awesome, and the others may seem like a stretch, but there’s one thing we all know for sure: candy makes you happy (for the most part). So, the next time you feel guilty about eating a few pieces of candy, remember that candy can actually be good for you. Go ahead and treat yourself to some every once and a while; you deserve it.

Casio Wiser is a candy bar fanatic that has developed a candy lovers forum to support his website candybar.org.


365 Days of Dangermas: Day 7

DANGERMASLOGODay 7: January 7, 2013

We love Dove chocolate in my house and think it’s the best! This piece is going in the Dangermas tree, but it may not be there for long!


If you’d like to donate items to the Dangermas tree, please view our wishlist for ideas, or you can send ornaments or other light weight items to:

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6 Delicious Food Experiences for the Sophisticated Woman

african cooking

Are you dying to show off to your friends just how sophisticated you are? What better way to do it than by having an elegant dining experience where you sample gourmet treats, sip tea in a historic tearoom, or try a new type of food?

Elegant dining is just a step away, and you don’t even have to find your silverware or book the hottest restaurant in town. Here are six ideas for delicious food experiences that will make your friends green with envy!

1. Take an African cooking class

You can see Chinese food on every corner, but most people aren’t exposed to African cooking on a regular basis. Impress your friends and sample some delicacies you might never have tried otherwise by taking an African cooking class. Even if you never cook supper and think you’ll just burn water, you’ll be surprised at how much you can do in the kitchen after this class! You’ll also get to take the recipes home so you can repeat the process and cook a romantic dinner or new favorite family meal.

2. Taste wine and tour a vineyard

You can opt out of the vineyard tour and take a wine tasting session if you prefer, or go for the full package and get a tour, tasting experience, and a bottle of wine to take home afterwards. A wine tasting experience will leave you educated in the process of making, bottling, and tasting wine.

3. Have a three-course meal

Many of us have never actually had a sit-down three-course meal. A classy establishment like a mansion or upscale restaurant can host you for the evening, along with a friend, lover (how sophisticated), or “frenemy” you particularly want to impress. You’ll get three courses, tea or coffee, and perhaps even a free show or music performance.

4. Learn how to make chocolates

Perhaps your usual method of indulging is secretive and involves getting up in the middle of the night to break open another box when you get stressed, but chocolate can be much more than that. You can learn how chocolate is made, practice making your own, and take home your creations in a chocolatier lesson. Your friends will definitely be jealous!

5. Subscribe to a curry recipe kit

Too busy to go out for a food experience? Subscribe to a mail-order service that sends you a new package of curry ingredients and a recipe each month! You’ll find yourself creating delicacies you never knew you were capable of, without having to worry about finding and measuring ingredients or choosing recipes. Bring the leftovers to work and everyone with a PBJ sandwich will stare in awe.

6. Take tea for two

Afternoon tea, a very British tradition that even non-Brits should experience at least once, is far too rare nowadays. Take an afternoon someday and enjoy cakes, treats, or scones with your tea. Would you like clotted cream, madam? You’ll find yourself lost in conversation with your dining partner as you enjoy their time and company.

The sophisticated woman indulges in food as much as she pleases with a sense of style and elegance, and a dining experience is a great gift to give your friends or put on your own Christmas list. Don’t let those hungry men have all the foodie fun!

Author Byline: Jack Harding is a blogger who enjoys sampling new cuisine as well as cooking it. He enjoys blogging about new recipes he’s tried as well as food in general. 

Good Mood Foods

Most people think they have to take drastic measures to conquer depression … taking medication, seeing a therapist or other options that may be expensive or difficult. Those things may help, but you can also improve a dour mood with certain minerals and vitamins found in common foods. Increasing your intake of these foods may put you in a better mood without medication!

Including good mood foods in your diet (and your family’s) could make you feel healthier and happier. You definitely want to be feeling great whether you’re working on your classic car or going shopping for the day. Don’t miss out on life because you’re sad; just tweak your diet and enjoy the benefits.

Happy Meals

Not only is salmon great for your heart and chock-full of nutritious omega-3’s, it’s also linked to lower instances of depression. Maybe your bad mood is caused by a lack of minerals your body needs to feel good, so try some healthy grilled salmon for dinner. Kids and adults can benefit from a fishy lunch or supper.

Pasta gets a lot of flack for being a carbohydrate-rich food choice, but cutting out carbs completely can leave you lifeless. Add some pasta back into your life and enjoy the benefits of the carbs and their mood-lifting results. If you’re concerned about watching your weight, try whole-wheat pasta.

Chocolate Is Good For Me?

There is truly a reason people crave chocolate. The sweet stuff actually has benefits if you eat it in moderation and preferably stick to dark chocolate, which is good for your heart and your mood!

Try a couple of dark chocolate squares after dinner and don’t deprive yourself of something good for you. There’s also something in chocolate that eases menstrual cramps, so it’s all right to allow yourself a treat during your worst time of the month!

Blissful Breakfast

Start out your day with a meal high in happy vitamins. Eggs contain vitamin D, which has been shown to lift spirits, and fruit such as blackberries and blueberries along with bananas contain lots of healthy antioxidants. Pair this meal with yogurt for a shot of B-12 vitamins, and you’re starting the day with a smile!

Pack On Protein

Foods high in protein are perfect for keeping energy up and moods lifted. People that are depressed may need a bit more protein than others, so don’t hesitate when adding chicken, beans and legumes, peanuts, soy and other products full of protein to your healthy diet. A diet lacking in protein can make you feel sluggish, which may lead to feeling unmotivated and exhausted.

Popeye’s Secret

Iron-rich foods can make you feel more energetic and carry oxygen to your brain. The folate in the iron boosts serotonin, a hormone that your brain secretes that makes you feel happier. Spinach is full of iron. So are other foods including beans, tofu and green peppers. Lack of iron can make you anemic, and nothing is more depressing than the fatigue that comes along with that.

Guest Author Byline: This guest post was brought to you by Michelle, who enjoys blogging about healthy foods, and CJ Pony Ford Mustang Parts.

4 Foods That Boost Your Mood

It’s mid-afternoon and you’re tired with far too much work to do, or maybe you’re just hungry and need a boost. With these four foods, you’ll leave your kitchen happier, refreshed, and reenergized.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by thebittenword.com


Oatmeal is a comfort food, it is easy to digest and good for you. It only takes about twenty minutes to digest a bowl of oatmeal, and its full of fiber too. The carbohydrates in oatmeal, when digested by your body, result in tryptophan entering your brain. What that means is that serotonin can be produced in your brain, which makes you happy and calm. Eating a bowl of oatmeal will give you fiber, comfort, and happy chemicals. However, the gloopy texture of oatmeal can be a downside. Don’t cook your oatmeal for as long and add some peanut butter or other nuts and some berries to make a delicious, healthy treat.


Isn’t it great to hear that something as delicious is pineapple will boost your mood? Pineapple is a quick source of sugar for your body, and has about a tenth of your daily fiber too. What makes pineapple even better is it will hydrate you as well as provide manganese and B vitamins. Eat pineapple plain or with cereal, it’s great in fruit salads too. Top a normal salad with pineapple for that matter, any way you slice it, pineapple is a great way to perk up your attitude.


Speaking of hydration, water is your best friend for feeling and looking great. If you’re feeling sluggish and slow, chances are you could be dehydrated. Water is necessary for just about every process in your body, think about it: you’re almost 80% water. Without enough water you can feel tired, foggy, and get headaches. Keep a water bottle with you at your desk, at the gym, or even just in your purse. Drinking at least 40oz of water daily (that’s at least five 8oz. cups) will keep you looking great and feeling energized.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Darwin Bell


Chocolate! What kind of good mood foods list would be complete without chocolate? Not only is it delicious, chocolate releases endorphins in your brain. Serotonin and the alkaloids in chocolate, like phenylethylamine, are sure to enhance your mood when you’re feeling a bit down. And, even better news, dark chocolate is good for you! About a square a day will reduce your chance of having a stroke as well as lower your blood pressure. Chocolate is delicious and functional!

This article was written by ezCater.com, a one stop catering planning and ordering site that features caterers in Charlotte NC, Boston MA, and hundreds of other cities.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Chocolates and sweets have been associated with certain health perils. Some say eating chocolates contributes to lower bone density. It is also said that it causes headaches. The most common remark about chocolates, particularly milk chocolates, is that they are high in sugar, saturated fat and calories.

There is one type of chocolate that veers away from the common notion that chocolate is bad for us. Dark chocolate is a nutritious treat for the body. Recent medical researches has proved that this variety of chocolate can really improve our health. Dark chocolate has phytochemicals that are good for the heart, mind and body. This is also backed up by scientific evidences.

Here are some of the health benefits of dark chocolate:

  • It helps lower blood pressure. It is full of minerals like copper and magnesium, among others. These minerals help regulate normal blood pleasure and consequently maintain regular heartbeat levels.
  • It lowers stress levels. Generally, eating is considered as a stress reducer. The next time you feel stressed out, try eating a yummy slice of chocolate. It reduces stress levels by boosting the production of endorphins which improves one’s mood. Dark chocolate also contains different major stimulants such as caffeine and theobromine.
  • It improves blood circulation. When you eat this type of chocolate, your blood vessels also become more flexible. It further improves the performance of endothelial cells. These cells are related to the functioning of the blood cells. As an effect, the risk caused by a lot of cardiovascular diseases is decreased.
  • It boosts our immunity. Do you get sick frequently? Try adding dark chocolate to your diet. Two kinds of flavonoids are found in chocolate. These are catechins and epicatechins. Dark chocolate in particular, has more catechins. This boosts our body immune system. It can also possibly prevent major chronic diseases.
  • It helps lower cholesterol levels. This chocolate variety can also be the answer to your cholesterol problem. Medical studies have proved that dark chocolate does reduce bad cholesterol level by ten to twelve percent.
  • It aids in the treatment of anemia. Dark chocolate has flavonoids compounds. These are helpful in curing patients suffering from anemia and people with poor dietary habits.
  • It’s rich in antioxidants. There are many foods that are rich in antioxidants. However, they may not be as delicious as dark chocolate, which is also a powerful antioxidant. Information from the National Institute of Food and Nutrition Research in Italy reveals that these antioxidants fight free-moving radicals. They also fight other risky molecules which can potentially damage our health.
  • It treats depression. Serotonin is known to have the qualities of antidepressants. Dark chocolate has high levels of serotonin. No wonder we feel happy when we eat chocolate.
  • It’s good for the heart. A small piece of dark chocolate is good for our hearts. It helps us to have a healthy heart as it has a lot of polyphenols and antioxidants.

Now we can enjoy dark chocolate without the guilt. Just remember that we can enjoy these health benefits only if we eat it in moderation.

Article given to DangerousLee.Biz by James Chocolates

5 Things To Do To Get Ready For Easter

The Easter season is near. Have you done all the preparations or do you do things right before the holidays? Why don’t you give yourself a break this year and get ready for Easter when you still have time on your hands. That way you will not only save money by having other choices than just buying expensive ready-made Easter baskets off the shelf, but will also be able to relax and fully enjoy the holidays.

Here are 5 things to do to prepare you for the coming Easter holidays:

1. Clean the House

There are more than three weeks till Easter, so why don’t you start cleaning up your house? Family and friends will definitely be coming over to meet up with you, then why not make an impression this year by having a spic and span house?

Get a little cleaning done every weekend. You won’t be burdened with a lot of work and by the time its You won’t have to shove everything into one cupboard and then after the holidays not be able to find anything. Being organized pays out big time if you do it correctly.

2. Take out the Decorations

Take out last year’s Easter decorations from the attic the weekend before Easter. Sort through them and pick out the ones you want to use this year. This way you will have everything set out before Easter and just put the things up the night before without much hassle. You might not even have to spend anything on buying decorations if you save them every year on Easter and use them carefully.

Plus, if you are short on something or want to buy new decorative items you will still have time to do so.

3. Buy Candy Beforehand

Buy the candies for the Easter baskets beforehand. You can buy them off sales right after Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Not only will you get a handsome discount, you will also be able to buy the best chocolate brands. Chocolates can stay fresh for months, just store them in a cool dry place away from the children, for now at least. You don’t want them finishing them all before Easter holidays even arrive.

4. Start Making Easter Baskets

Get to the business of Easter baskets now. You will have to gather baskets, fillings for the baskets, Easter grass and wrapping sheets. They take time to make and if you start on them now, you won’t be sitting the night before finishing them up. It is also a wonderful family activity.

5. Plan out the Easter Holiday

Make a plan about how you will spend Easter holidays. Attend the mass on Easter Day and teach your children what Easter really means. Check out the local community events scheduled for Easter. Go to them with your family. Easter is a family holiday so organize it so that you can spend the maximum time with your family.

Author Bio:

Allan loves planning parties. With Easter coming fast, he has shared his checklist to be sure that you will have your Easter chocolate and your meal ready to make your Easter party a success.

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is now just around the corner and it’s such a lovely day as children get to show love and appreciation for their mom while the moms realize how much they are appreciated by receiving lovely gifts from their children. All moms deserve to receive something special, but many of us have trouble picking out that special present. Below are some great gift ideas that all moms will love and make her feel adored!

Flowers & Chocolate

Let’s get the most obvious gifts out of the way first. Yes, flowers and chocolates are an obvious choice but our moms will always appreciate this – plus if you put enough thought in they can make really great presents! A big bouquet of flowers can seriously impress as can a really nice box of expensive chocolates – which mum isn’t going to want to kick back and relax with chocolates on a Sunday afternoon?!


Again, this might seem an obvious choice but if you spend time picking out just the right piece of jewelry it will go down a treat! Think about your mom carefully and pick something that would suit her style. It’s not all about budget either – as long as the piece of jewelry has had some thought put into it it will make a great gift.

Personalized Gifts

You could combine this category with the one above and buy your mom a piece of personalised jeweery. However, personalised gifts can cover a wide spectrum of items including mugs, plates, teddies and plaques. Personalised also don’t have to be serious gifts – you can add a bit of humour in.


They say that a picture pains a thousand words so by presenting your mum with a personal picture – which could a picture of you and her on a special occasion – it will mean more to her than she can say. You could put the photo of the both if you in a beautiful frame or do a photo montage on a canvas. However you do it, it will definitely be much appreciated.

Pamper Gifts

For this, you could buy your mum a pamper day where she can go to a spa for the day and totally relax or buy her pamper products that she can use at home, such as a foot spa or bubble baths and soaps. If you are the daughter, you could go along with your mum to the pamper day so not only does your mu get to be pampered all day but she gets to spend quality time with you too! A win-win situation!

Just remember:

  • It’s not all about money – big, expensive presents aren’t always the best
  • Pick something that wills suit your mum
  • Try and pick something to you and your mum.
  • Have fun with it! There’s no harm in buying something humorous!

Katie Cruickshank is writing on behalf of AyeDoGifts.co.uk, where you can find unique gifts for your mom this Mother’s Day.


The Cadburry Bunny Doesn’t Like Black People

Is This Ad Offensive to Black Women or Just Naomi Campbell?

First it was the Dove body wash ad that caused a stir depicting a Black woman next to a Latina woman who was standing next to a White woman. Behind the Black woman is the ashy dry skin while the Latina woman is directly in the middle and the White woman is in front of the “perfect, beautiful” skin.

I don’t get it. To me, this ad translates that Dove body wash is for all skin types, but other people think it’s racist because from their view, this ad says that to be beautiful you must have creamy white skin. What do you see?

Naomi Campbell is crying foul and considering a lawsuit against the Cadburry company, though they have since removed all circulation of the ad. Campbell says, “I am shocked! It’s upsetting to be described as chocolate, not just for me, but for all black women and black people. I do not find any humor in this. It is insulting and hurtful.”


If anything the Cadburry ad is referring to Naomi Campbell’s alleged bad temper and the fact that she likes to throw cell phones at people without warning. I highly doubt that Cadburry is making a racist statement. In my opinion, they are slyly saying that she’s a Bitch! Nothing more, nothing less.

Perhaps Cadburry should have let Naomi in on the joke if they were going to use her name in the ad, but other than that, I see no grounds for a lawsuit. Furthermore, since her last name is not used in the ad, Cadburry could be talking about Naomi, the head chocolate lady at the Cadburry offices.

I don’t like being called “Chocolate”!

Let’s backtrack to Black people being called “chocolate”. I’ve never heard it used in an offensive way; not saying that Naomi Campbell didn’t experience some form of racism where the word “chocolate” may have been used, but I use “chocolate” to describe my skin and the beautiful skin of other Black people often.

I know that context is everything, but chocolate is delicious and craved by millions, so I just don’t see the negative connotation here. Again, I do not believe that Cadburry are even referring to her skin in this ad, but their use of the word “Diva” says to me that they think she is a difficult woman. They obviously had no idea just how difficult or clueless she would be.

It’s funny, other than Cadburry creme eggs, which by the way have one of the worst creamy centers in candy history, I never see much promotion for this brand. Maybe all this Naomi Campbell Diva mess was a successful attempt at garnering interest in their product. What say you?

UPDATE: The ad may actually be a slap in the face regarding Naomi Campbell’s involvement with “blood diamonds“.


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