6 Industries That Are More Prone To Substance Abuse


It’s no secret that substance abuse is a major issue in the United States. What may be surprising, however, is the effect that substance abuse has on productivity and the workplace across the country. It’s estimated that 500 billion workdays … Continue reading

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Addictive Personality Disorder and Celebrities: Does the Biz Create Addicts or Attract Those at Risk?


Addiction is a topic that is on our collective psyche these days. It’s in the newspapers, on television, and when gossip sites are having a slow news day they publish lists of celebrities who are or have battled addiction. This … Continue reading

5 Reasons Intervention Is The Best Reality Show on TV


Intervention is a reality television show that follows the lives of men and women struggling with addiction, obsessive behaviors or other unhealthy actions that are putting their lives in danger. The show is the best reality television show for several … Continue reading

Are Americans Using Illegal Drugs More Often?


A federal government study was conducted in 2007 to answer the questions above; this study has given us an insight to the latest trends that relate to drug, alcohol, and tobacco use within the United States. The study findings were … Continue reading