Dangerous Lee’s Top 7 Picks of January 2013


♥HAPPY NEW YEAR♥ There’s so much good, quality content here at The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network. Take a step back in time to January 2013 and check out these 7 articles you may have missed or need to … Continue reading

Top Story – How Solange Became More Fashionable Than Beyonce

Beyonce & Solange Enjoy Fashion Week Together

It’s pretty fair to say Beyonce is MASSIVE at the moment. I mean, she’s always been popular, but Beyonce-mania seems to have taken over the world and everyone is going crazy for the Bootylicious songstress. But – and I can’t … Continue reading

Beyonce Lip Synched, So What!


Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Twitter, Facebook, THE WHOLE WORLD is going on and on and on about Beyonce singing along to a pre-recorded track of her singing the Star Spangled Banner at the presidential inauguration and all I can think … Continue reading

Ask Dangerous Lee: Do you believe that Blue Ivy is Beyonce and Jay-Z’s biological child?


Q: Do you believe that Blue Ivy is Beyonce and Jay-Z’s biological child? Erica S. Brooklyn, NY A: My short answer is…YES, of course! My long opinion is this: Anyone who believes that Beyonce had a surrogate to carry her … Continue reading

Top Story – Why Is The World Obsessed With Beyonce’s Baby Bump?

Is it because rumors of her being pregnant started years ago? Is it because those who think she’s part of the Illuminati think she’s going to give birth to the devil? What is it?!!

When Beyonce revealed her pregnant belly at the MTV Video Music Awards it broke Twitter records with everyone repeating the news in their timeline. Yes, Beyonce is finally pregnant, but women getting pregnant is an everyday occurrence. Why are YOU obsessed with Beyonce’s baby bump?

Run The World (Dangerous Lee)

The red arrow is pointing to my tweet as it rolls by the front page of Beyone's website in response to her new single, Run The World. I am not in love with the song, but I can definitely get down with the message. Click the image to get a better look at why I think women run this mutha!

 Check out the video @ BeyonceOnline