Women: Can’t Be Friends With ‘Em, Can’t Kill ‘Em

Before I get started on my rant just let me say that I have less than a handful of people that I consider true friends in the first place (male and female) and I have become quite comfortable as a homebody and I have no problem being alone.

As of late I prefer my own company over that of others anyway so having a small or nonexistent circle is fine with me. People in general, these days, seem to be so full of shit and fake that trying to make new friendships is a turn off.


noun ˈfrend

: a person who you like and enjoy being with

: a person who helps or supports someone or something (such as a cause or charity)


The cast of TV show, Girlfriends. Too bad art doesn’t always imitate life.

In the last couple of years I have tried making new friendships with women, one Black, one White, and both left me hanging to be with male company instead.

I’m not a cock blocker and I am all for a woman getting her boots knocked or licked, but let a sista know that plans have changed.

To not do so is just rude and mean as hell. In both cases, if I had not been the one to reach out, I don’t think I would of ever gotten a response as to what really happened.

A woman that will drop you like a dirty diaper in the 11th hour if a man gives her some attention and not bother to call or text with an explanation is not someone that I want to spend time with. 

Needless to say those friendships ended before they even began and to this day we do not communicate.

True friends or acquaintances, for that matter, don’t do shit like that. We remain “friends” on social media, why I don’t know, but we are.

Well, if I’m being honest I remain connected to one of them on social media because she is also a writer and I enjoy some of her work. The other one I could easily hit “delete” and not feel anything about it at all.

There have also been female friends that I have known for years who have done some shiesty things to me and while I am cordial, they are also on my shit list and I no longer consider them friends.

I’m all about sistahood, so when a woman plays another woman I think it stings a little bit more than if it were a male friend.

I’ve always found it easier to be friends with men, but even that puzzles me. Then again, maybe it’s because unlike women, men don’t sit around and complain about the women they are dating.

I’m not the type of chick that wants to hear about your relationship drama every time we talk. You know he ain’t shit. Drop his ass so we can talk about something fun and meaningful.




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