The Trouble With Booty Hair

Booty hair. That sounds funny doesn’t it?

Booty hair

Nope. This asshole is not gonna do it! He doesn’t see the point.

I hate being a hairy woman.

Booty hair, like pubic hair (I’m sure they’re an extension of each other) has a purpose but I grow what I consider to be an excessive amount of both. Anal hair tickles me (not literally).

Not just because of where it is, but because when I am trying to shave or trim it I have to twist and contort my body into all kinds of weird and uncomfortable positions.

booty hair

Looks silly, but this could definitely help ease my pain.

Booty hair






11 Replies to “The Trouble With Booty Hair”

  1. “I hate being a hairy woman.”

    I think women are conditioned to hate their body hair and that is unfortunate. I actually find hairiness on a woman very sexy.

  2. I just found out about anal bleaching recently too! I don’t think I could do it. I’ve been growing most of my body hair back in recently actually (weather’s getting cold so, you know, I need it. hah plus no one can see!) and it’s like welcoming back old friends, seriously.

  3. oh my goodness I just had someone come shave mine. after seeing how hairy my ass was on a video he and I made!!!!! I was so stunned to see so much of it I originally tried to shave it myself…NO GO!!!! But I had a guy friend do it and it looks great now!!!!

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