The Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour – A Review

If you’ve never seen Michael Jackson live in concert, or even if you have, this show is a wonderful and touching substitute. It felt great being in the company of thousands of others who love Michael and his music.  As I watched and enjoyed the show, I spent a lot of time ignoring what was happening on stage and instead focused on images of Michael when he appeared on the big screen.

I cried at the beginning of the show as a routine was performed to Childhood. There were other times when I got a lil’ teary eyed, but I held it together. The show highlighted songs throughout the span of his career and most were songs about unity, peace, and love. It’s amazing how Michael and his brothers kept that message constant in their music for over 40 years.

I really enjoyed this show and wanted even more when the 3 hour show was over! There are too many highlights and stand out moments to mention, but watch the video below for a few of them. I do plan to see it again if I get the chance. Great job Cirque du Soleil and thank you!



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