The Cost of Closure in California

The Cost of Closure in California

My recent trip to California was not just a vacation, it had a purpose; closure. Without giving away too many personal details I can say that I received my closure and I was a bit disappointed at how it was served, but now I can finally fully move on with my life. Yes, it was about a man.

I do want to tell you that unless you have a lot of money on your credit or debit card that flying American Airlines sucks! Unfortunately, it was the cheapest flight I could catch out of Flint at the time I purchased my ticket.

Everything on American Airlines costs extra: baggage, food, earphones, even wi-fi,  and they don’t accept cash for anything except baggage fees. I essentially flew to California with no money, well I had $6, but I had to save that to put gas in my car when I got back home.

I was conned into checking my bag on the way to California because of a bulge, but I wasn’t a fool twice. On the way back I took my bag on the plane with me and saved $25. Thanks to using my debit card to pay the first $25 fee, I had an overdraft in my checking account.

Go figure!


My view of Alcatraz

Seating Sucks

On the way to California the in-flight film was “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps“. I didn’t want to see it (I haven’t seen the first Wall Street), but it would of been nice to be distracted for two hours (I am very uncomfortable flying) instead, because earphones are $2 and can only be purchased on a credit or debit card, I spent most of the trip nodding off and waking myself up every time my head bobbed forward.

Side note: When I got home I found some earphones that I could have used.

Again, go figure!

I did have a free drink (non alcoholic) to wet my whistle, but skipped the second free drink because I didn’t feel like having to bother my seat mate if I needed to use the bathroom because I chose the window seat. I’m thinking that an adult diaper may be a great investment for future flights. Thank goodness there was no one in the seat between us, however on the way back I was not so lucky.

I was blocked in my window seat by two other passengers. I didn’t have to use the bathroom once thanks to only having a cup of hot tea during the entire four hour flight.When I think about it, I’m not sure I want the aisle seat either. Having to get up for other people that need to piss, pisses me off!


Night time view of Chicago from my window seat

Living Vicariously Through Others

I did want to see the in-flight film that was being shown on the way back, “You Again”, instead I wrote this blog, glanced up at the screen from time to time, and watched other peoples reaction to it along with smelling their food. By the way, I was hungry as hell. I didn’t eat anything before I left California, but I had some pork the night before and it tore my damn stomach up.

For those that don’t know, I am taking baby steps to remove meat of any kind from my diet. I rarely eat pork other than bacon and an occasional neck bone, but after what I experienced the night before, pork will not be hard to let go.


Chick getting dolled up in paste colored make up at San Francisco Intl. Airport


I would have loved to lolly gag on the internet, but I’ll be dammed if I pay $5 to access the internet (I couldn’t afford it anyway). My battery would of ran low way before I had even used my quota, so I sat and looked out the window and kept wondering “Are We There Yet?” until we got there and wrote poetry which I only do when I am very emotional.

On the flight from Chicago to Flint they didn’t offer drink service to passengers as they did on the way to Chicago. You had to request a drink. Lazy bastards! I guess fancy ass beverage service to Flint is a bit ridiculous with our reputation and all.

I missed my daughter, my bed, my apartment, and my home. I couldn’t wait to get my feet back on the ground.

Hours later with my feet back on the ground…

Well, well, well I couldn’t even afford parking at the airport. It was $28, and all I had was $25  at the time. Remember, I had $6 at the start of my trip, but I used a dollar to buy a Twix at Chicago O’Hare and my friend in California gave me $20 for parking.

I had no idea how much parking would cost. Bishop Airport will be billing me for the $3 and on top of everything, I didn’t have any gas money.


Going back to Cali. Nah…I don’t think so.

Wow!  Such is life.

The Cost of Closure was too expensive for me.


Tell me how you feel!