The Half Series – When Black People Look White (1 of 3)

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes, 7 seconds. Contains 1024 words This is a three part series about colorism. PART ONE Take a look at my friend, Katie Burrell: Is Katie Black? Is Katie White? Is she both? Katie’s ethnic background will be revealed at a later date, but carefully look at her face, study her features and skin tone because Read More …


Poll: Is Racism Worse Post Obama?

  We’ve all seen the crazy headlines where some White person has gone bananas on some random Black person and others stating President Obama’s threat rate is up to 400%! Sure, it’s great that we live in a world where a Black man is finally running thangs, but are we better off for it?  

A Day In The Life of Being Called a Nigger

I was driving in downtown Flint today and there were many streets blocked off because of The Crim race. I could not make a left turn so I proceeded to go straight. A woman in a van behind me was upset, and to be honest that’s fine. I understood the anger and could deal with a car horn blowing at Read More …