The Jacksons Unity Tour 2012: A Review

  The Jacksons Unity Tour: A Dangerous Lee Review I’ve been a Michael Jackson fan all my life, minus a couple of years after birth, so by default I have a level of love for the rest of The Jacksons. There was no way I was missing this concert and I’m glad I didn’t because I had a ball! The Read More …


Book Review: You Are Not Alone, Michael: Through a Brother’s Eyes

by Vernay Lewis Book reviews are not usually what I use my creative juices to write, but every once in a while, it’s okay to make an exception from the norm. Before I begin, I should tell you that I go by, “The Number One Michael Jackson Fan in the State of Delaware”. Without giving you the details behind the Read More …

Happy 53rd Birthday Michael Jackson!

Happy 53rd Birthday Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson is a man that I will always love and never grow tired of and the more horrible the music industry gets, the more I miss him. Check out this cool video of what his life may have been like if he was raised in the social media era.