Ask Dangerous Lee – Can you believe a cheater when they say they want to be loyal?

Q: If you have a relationship and your mate has had a history of cheating on whomever they were with, can you believe them when they say they want to be loyal to you? I know this sounds like a dumb question. But sometimes we get in those situations. Hope, Los Angeles, California A: It doesn’t just sound like a Read More …


“Ask Dangerous Lee”: Should a person marry someone that is in debt?

Q: Should a person marry someone that is in debt, thinking that love conquers all? Mia Chicago, IL A: I forget the singer, but the song goes – “Ain’t nothing goin’ on but the rent. Ya got to have a J-O-B if you want to be with me.” So, if you or anyone else thinks broke brothas are cute, by Read More …

Friday, June 6th on “Dangerous Lee Live”

Dangerous and HP are scheduled to talk to horror core rap artist Trajik, reggae artist Yahman, and singer, songwriter, and model Mr. Ordinary himself, Steph Jones. Chef Pannell will also be in the house with the Dangerous Dish of the Month. The Dangerous item of the week is Michael Jackson’s Dangerous CD.