Skin Tone – What Makes Black Women Beautiful

For the final installment of the What Makes Black Women Beautiful Series I will simply showcase random images of Black women that speak for themselves!


That’s right! I threw myself in the mix because I am a beautiful Black woman too!





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      1. Amen to that! “Race” is just a social construct anyhow. The thoughts and attitudes surrounding “race” ideology will change and be MUCH different in the future. (sometimes I regret being born during this era)

        Melanin is good for the skin and all shades of brown are lovely. (some of us, like myself, are melanin deficient, but recognize beauty when we see it) I strongly believe that people will eventually stop separating us by using words like “white” and “black” and “yellow” as though we’re different species and just realize there are variations of melanin. And some of us [like me] might be a bit deficient/lacking.

        The women above are incredibly beautiful. Stunning even.

        Beauty is in FACT entirely dependent upon the perspective of the viewer. Myself, I’ve always been attracted to Asian men and, from my perspective, have noted that countless “black” women I’ve seen are the most beautiful women I’ve ever laid eyes upon. I mean… Kate Tachie-Menson? Jesus. She almost turns me gay.

        You’re gorgeous, Leigh! I love your work! <3

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