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Red Tails

Red Tails is a very important film, one that almost never saw the light of day because Hollywood did not know how to market a film with an all Black cast.

You market a film with all brown people the same way you would market any other action film. Hollywood is certainly not having a problem shoving a movie like War Horse down our throats.

Hire more Black People

It still baffles me that Hollywood didn’t know what to do with Red Tails, but since Hollywood is enamored with remakes and bringing everything to the big screen in 3D, I am really not surprised that they finally figured out what to do with it.

Hollywood in terms of diversity in front of and behind the scenes sucks!

To be honest, Red Tails is a film that I would not have much interest in if there were no connection to the African-American experience. I am not a fan of war films, but because the success of this film opening weekend will send a very strong message to Hollywood in terms of the power of Black films I was more than happy to see it.

It’s a very good film. I am always happy to see Black faces on the big screen because it means Black folks are working and are being represented!

I’ve heard that some Black women are upset that one of the characters (Lightning) is in love with an Spanish speaking Italian woman. Well, guess what ladies, they are based in Italy. Is this really such a big deal or a big surprise?

Don’t get me wrong, I get where the frustration is coming from, but it is misplaced, and by holding that type of anger you miss the whole point and experience of the film.

Star Wars Connection

I appreciate that George Lucas made sure this film was created and that he took millions of dollars out of his own pocket to make it happen.

Quite frankly, that is the least he could have done and I am sure that he will make a nice return on his investment.

The only complaint I have is that there seemed to be something lacking in the sound of the film. I feel like the war scenes wern’t loud enough and the cinematography was a bit off, but I guess it takes more than $58 million to produce a film with all the necessary bells and whistles.

George Lucas has said that if this film does well that there is a prequel and a sequel that will be much better, so please support this film. We want to see more sexy chocolate on the big screen.

Eat your heart out, Hollywood!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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