Movie Review: Contagion

I enjoyed this film because I was also creeped out by it.

If you’ve managed to avoid getting sick with the stomach flu this winter cold season, consider yourself lucky. I am among the thousands if not millions of people who have survived the stomach flu virus in the past few months.

Try to imagine that the stomach flu is what is killing people in this film as you watch it; we’d all be dead!

That’s a sobering reality when you consider that viruses are getting stronger and we get weaker. Contagion could very well be a prediction as to what will destroy humankind.

Oh yea, did you hear that December 21, 2012 is the end of the world? That is, according to those that believe the theory and they have the marketing budget to enforce others to believe it as well…but not me, I’m too damn smart to believe that the end of the world can be predicted.

Anyway, this film gives you the cause and effect of a super virus that kills an ungodly amount of people .

Wash your hands before watching!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


3 Replies to “Movie Review: Contagion”

  1. This movie just didn’t illustrate how easily such an epidemic could come about: It also showed how the bureaucracy sits back and decides who lives and dies, like making sure their asses got vaccinated first. I thought the movie was ominous and more so since we hear and read about outbreaks of stuff that, while we haven’t been able to eradicate it, we know how to protect ourselves against it, like E. Coli.

    We hear and read more and more about things that are resistant to current medications or, even scarier, things that are coming out of “nowhere” and we have no immunity to… and it defies getting beat down. You get the sense that with mankind’s constant reformation of the planet’s surface, we’re also stirring up shit that is better left alone.

    On a scale of 0 to 5, I gave this movie a 3; the message was clear but really just failed to impress me as a movie.

    1. Your first sentence said a mouthful because I’m sure that’s exactly what would happen; bureaucracy will sit back and decide who lives and dies. Also, the end of the film illustrates how easy this type of an epidemic is started.

  2. I definitely agree with you. I don’t think anyone can predict the end of the world and I don’t believe it’s going to happen at the end of the year, but you are very right to think that a super virus, like in Contagion, could one day contribute to the end of all humanity. Overall, I did actually enjoy this movie and like you said became rather creeped out by it. It’s kind of a scary thought that just touching someone or something could cause widespread disease like that. I wouldn’t consider Contagion worthy of purchasing, but I do recommend to those, who are interested in seeing it, to rent instead. I rented it not too long ago through my employee Dish subscription with the Blockbuster @Home package and even though as I said I enjoyed it, I wouldn’t consider spending any individual money on it. Thanks for your review though. 🙂

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