Book Review: Remember The Time – A True Intimate Look At Michael Jackson

In the book, Remember The Time – A True Intimate Look At Michael Jackson Through “Letters To Michael”, Theresa Gonsalves gives us private details of her relationship with Michael Jackson that started when they were both sixteen years old. I read this book in a little over 2 hours, not only because I could not put it down, but it is a relatively short book with less than 100 pages.

Michael JacksonTheresa gives us just enough to wet our nosy and kinky whistles by sharing details of the first time she and Michael Jackson made love in the 70’s, during the era he was filming The Wiz, and another encounter they had years later during the 80’s in his car. Unfortunately, she doesn’t go on and on about how big he is or how good he was or what he likes sexually because there are some things a woman has to keep to herself.

It’s my understanding that there is a sect of Michael Jackson fans (I call them Type A fans) that are against this book because Theresa is sharing private details of Michael’s sex life and now that he’s no longer with us he can’t defend himself, as if there’s anything to defend himself from in this case.

All I have to say is that you are jealous. Every Michael Jackson fan that has ever fantasized about him sexually will be jealous after reading this book, but that doesn’t negate the reality of the situation.

As a fan, I appreciate that Theresa decided to share parts of her life with Michael Jackson with us. It’s exciting and fun to learn these type of things about him. It also gives us more pieces to the puzzle of his life. Michael Jackson had many of you fooled or perhaps the media had you convinced that he was homosexual, a pedophile or asexual. I never bought into that mess. I always knew that “angelic” persona was just part of his public image and I also knew that Michael was getting some…from many women.

Look at him dance! Hello!

What I get from this book is that Michael wasn’t whorish and he didn’t like groupies. He was sensitive. He wanted to get to know a woman, build a relationship and then and only then did sex become an option.

Michael Jackson

Theresa and Michael together.

The biggest issue in Michael Jackson’s love life was his father, Joseph Jackson, he was the biggest cock blocker on the planet (when he was around) and he also negatively affected Theresa’s relationship with Michael…and he even put his hands on her. Yes, honey! Using fear and manipulation I believe Joseph kept Michael from building close and long term relationships with many woman. By the time he became old enough, strong enough and dependent enough he was too huge of an enigma to find and keep true love.

Theresa also lets us know that she is indeed the woman who inspired Billie Jean and not for the reason you may think, that it was easy as hell to get access to Michael Jackson before he became The Michael Jackson and that Michael’s relationship with Elizabeth Taylor is not at all what it was presented to be in the media, which shocked the hell outta me. I love this book! I wish I could get all in Theresa’s business and hear more details of their relationship, but I’m sure she’s taking that to the grave.

If you’re a Michael Jackson fan that wants to learn about a side of him that we never hear about, this book should be on your shelf, no question. You will love it! I hope more women who were in Michael’s life start to talk 😉


Michael Jackson


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