Irish-American Heritage Month Spotlight: Michael John McCann

Name and occupation:   

Michael John McCann.  Author and creator of PurpleUmpkin books and the  Murples  characters.  Teaching  the importance of reading with children.

What do you love most about being of Irish heritage?

The history and many of the great accomplishments . The impact they have had in America. How I believe they will be involved in many great accomplishments to come.

Can you tell us any interesting Irish history facts?

John Kennedy was a great president who to this day still has a major influence on our society.  Ireland is a very special place. The country has a history of great artists , musicians and writers  that had an influence on the world.

Who or what inspires you most? 

My  program .  “Read  With  A  Child ,  And  Help  Feed  A Child” We are starting here in the US, but I would like to grow to Ireland . Through the sale of PurpleUmpkin books and the Murples brand we raise money to feed children, and get books to children that need them. Helping  children and people in need.  Teaching the importance of reading  with and to children.

“Reading is the gateway to your dreams.  Everything you do or dream of doing in life will come through reading. “   – Michael John McCann

Something about you that would surprise us: 

My family has a long history of helping people. We started and operated the second largest homeless shelter and outreach program in New England for 30 years.  Three  million meals and a million nights of shelter.

I am a good dancer. I used to be as good as Travolta. 🙂

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