Why It Makes Perfect Sense To Want A Man With Money

gold diggers

I’m broke. Poor to be exact. I make less than $10,000 a year. A lot less actually. And, I have bad credit. Why would I want a man that is doing just as bad as I am or slightly better with no current plans or hopes of things looking up?

Money is not the most important quality in a man. In fact it’s not even a quality (is it?), but you know what I mean.

For instance, there is a man, an old and good friend of mine, who was interested in seriously dating me but he does not have his own home or apartment, has a mediocre job, he pays child support for one child and he cannot afford to save a damn dime.

And, that’s just what I know to be true about his financial status. I’m sure it’s worse.

Let’s forget that I am not into him at all romantically for a sec, but what if I was? As a woman in her late 30’s with a child of my own to take care of I cannot and will not entertain seriously dating a man that is struggling financially.

It does not make sense, especially in this day and age. Sex, I would entertain if I was sexually attracted to him, but anything other than that is off the table, permanently. However, sexual relationships get old quickly. At least for me.

I’m sure 100% of women, if asked, would say that they want a man with money and rightfully so. Not just any man with money. Of course he has to have things like integrity, drive, personality, good looks and even a nice ass, but financial security is a must when looking for a serious long term relationship.

Why? Because things cost. It costs to live and enjoy life. Bills have to be paid. A legacy has to be built and that cannot be done when one or both persons is poor. Besides, according to traditional values (which I don’t usually give a shit about), the man is supposed to be the head of the household, the breadwinner.

gold diggers

For the record, not all woman who want a man with money are gold diggers. Smart people know the difference.

Now, you may be saying – “A man doesn’t want a broke woman either.” You may be right. That’s fair. Though I’m sure that most well to do men are more than okay with their woman making less than them. It’s an ego thing. A man thing. I’m OK with that.

Don’t get me wrong, if the woman is poor, lazy, has no drive and no plans on how to become financially stable, there is a problem. However, if it’s a woman like me or a woman who is also financially stable I’m sure a man can work with that.

I have a college education, ambition, goals, plans and I own a business, but it is not a successful business, in my eyes. Success for me would be generating a stable income for myself and my child where I would never have to skip paying my Consumers bill (or any bill for that matter) and I would not be driving around in a raggedy ass ’97 Escort for going on two years now without car insurance and tags. It’s a damn shame.

If I met a man I really liked who just happened to be a well off business man or a well off garbage man, take your pick, we could build a legacy together. Meaning he could invest in my business or perhaps we could build an entirely new business together. We could pool our talents and help each other.

As I type this I am thinking that it would be great to have an angel investor, male or female, but those are harder to come by than a viable significant other these days.

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6 Replies to “Why It Makes Perfect Sense To Want A Man With Money”

  1. I agree. I’m not saying that a man has to be wealthy, but I expect him to come to the table with the same or more than what I have. I have a full time job and my own place. I’m flexible with his living situation, but steady employment is a must. I also like to see longevity. I was at my previous job for 8 years and I’ve been at this one for 7. I don’t want a man with a different company every few months. I want to see that he is building something, progressing, investing in his retirement….building up vacation time…all the good stuff.

  2. I had always made more than my husband until the past 5 years. In fact, he didn’t have a job, any prospects and was living in a nasty trailor on the north end when we met. However, I think he was grown enough to have his car legal. I am thankful I looked past his apparent lack to see his true worth. I hope someone is able to do the same for you someday.

  3. I agree-totally. Two struggling adults have no business together. As one is at the moment in a fiscal challenging predicament. I won’t even entertain a man that is paying child support. Partially because I am 50+. Otherwise, I desire a man who can hold it down alone. My income is just an option. More of a back up plan.

    1. They both are. I won’t say they have no business being together but unless one or both of them becomes able to live well above the poverty level, they will struggle to build a future together.

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