Ask Dangerous Lee: Do you think Black History Month is necessary?

Q: Do you think Black History Month is necessary?

Eric S.

Chicago, IL

A: Of course it is. I am always baffled by this question and by those, especially Black people, that think we have come far enough to ignore our history. Yes, Black history is American history, but so much of our history is not included in American history books.

And, yes we should celebrate Black history all year long, but we don’t celebrate anything all year long.

The problem I have with celebrating Black history is that we only seem to focus on people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. There are many present day under the radar figures that should be celebrated during Black History Month.

Celebrating Black history is a beautiful thing, so I think those that are against it are trying to assimilate which is something that I can only pity them for. Also, we must further educate ourselves to learn that in March we celebrate Irish-American Heritage as well as Women’s History.

Should Irish Americans and women not be celebrated?

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