Do You Plan to Have Unprotected Sex This Weekend?

If you live in Flint/Genesee County please stop in to Wellness AIDS Services for a free safer sex kit that includes condoms and lube. Wellness also offers FREE HIV testing with same day results.

Fact:  HIV and other STDs are totally preventable, but continue to be on the rise all over the world. Protect Yourself Before You Infect Yourself!

Wellness AIDS Services

311 E. Court St. (Across from the YWCA)

Flint, MI 48529

(810) 232-0888

Hours: Monday – Thursday 9am until 6pm

Dangerous Lee, HIV and STD Negative. Do you know your status?


3 Replies to “Do You Plan to Have Unprotected Sex This Weekend?”

  1. Unprotected vaginal sex is also considered risky for HIV transmission. The female is at the greatest risk because the lining of the vagina is a mucous membrane which can provide easy access to the bloodstream for HIV carried in semen. The male is also at some risk because the membranes inside the urethra can provide an entry for HIV into the bloodstream. The presence of other sexually transmitted diseases can increase the risk of HIV transmission during vaginal sex.

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